Saturday, December 31, 2011

a gray spud room!

[the old color inspiration board]

So, I know I posted like a million times about how excited we were about this orange room and making it work for spud. I planned the inspiration colors around the pumpkin walls, heck I even planned out a matching wardrobe (remember?!). Well this is how it went down a week ago...

[orange room as office "before"... upbeat, happy place for me to be creative]

[matt taking down the curtains and fixtures... and yikes the old fashioned light fixture to be modernized in a later post!]

[see how the wicker chair is just lost in the orange walls? That made us sad]

 [not too bad, pretty cheery with the crib.... or just seeing the crib made us smile]

[closet/nook that we would have repainted over the sponge painted orange walls to the lighter orange]

We emptied out my office and moved it upstairs... that left us with a quite orange room. If that wasn't enough then we took down the bamboo dark curtains. Whoa. That room was bright and ORANGE. In your face orange. Matt and I looked at each other...looked at the room.... then decided to give it a try and set up the crib. Bleh. Too much orange. We laughed and talked about just what if we painted it? That conversation lasted about 10 minutes and then we ran off to home depot to mix our chosen color- gray, a nice light elephant gray. There was really no dispute. Gray would be a perfect background to play with the greens, turquoises, and splashes of color we wanted.

[martha paint chips]

We ended up choosing Martha Stewart's driftwood gray and the white that the back of the paint chip claimed to compliment it- tailor's chalk. It was perfect. We fell in love with it. Not to mention the 2 gallons of paint were on sale, just Martha's line was about $16/ gallon instead of $32. Fantastic. We also bought a gallon of primer and ran home to start concealing the pumpkin walls. We figured that we would have bought two gallons of paint anyways to patch up the walls in orange and go to some amount of work... so why not put that money and energy into a fresh new color that we actually wanted? It was a grand plan.

[white primer room, in progress... starting to feel refreshed]

We took one day to prime the walls...two coats. Then one day to do the gray walls and the white trim. Super fast! We thought we were working well as a team painting, however it was probably just due to the fact that the room is 7 feet by 7 feet... it can't take that long to paint.

** side note** 
So yes, pregnant women aren't supposed to be around paint fumes (that's me!). I could get hater comments for this post- I am well aware. But seriously was I going to just let matt have all the fun transforming our spud room? I think not. We are a team. So we had the fan going, windows open, and I took breaks to get fresh air and relax. We researched a bunch on the internet of the harms of latex paint- it's not really clearly researched. It also sounds like it's not as potentially toxic as oil based paint... so that's good. And just like the effects of small amounts of alcohol or caffeine or hair dye- no one really knows to what extent is toxic to the fetus. So, we used our gut feeling and painted our little 7x7 room together. But, by all means, feel free to choose your own adventure on this one!

 [a completed gray spud room... much more soothing color... right?!]

[we love the way the dark wood of the diaper changing table and the dark wicker chair now pop out against the gray walls]

The room was completed!! We set up the crib, the wicker chair that came from our living room, and the diaper changing table. We were amazed with how incredible it calming. It's a fresh new room for our brand new Cora, just perfect.  It's all starting to come together! 
Now, onto the next project...

[new color inspiration board]


  1. Love the new look! Really is a big difference. Our little guy's room is gray as well. : )

  2. Love the gray, very calming! It almost has a vintage look which I love and is perfect for a little girl. Our boys room is a lite coffee color. Can't wait to see your other fun projects!! I think setting up your baby's room is one of the best parts of being pregnant! Enjoy

  3. That looks so good! You are right those accent colors go so well. Kuddos!


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