Saturday, December 17, 2011

something has to give...

oh, christmas colby...

So, we have been busy over here in homegrown-spud-land. Our minds are planning for spud about a mile a minute and it's glorious. I have also been sick with just a cold... that I can't kick. My midwife said my immune system is a little low due to being pregnant... so it lingers. I realized this winter break that something has to give. And this year, it's christmas cards. I am so bummed. I blame it mostly on our sucky winter of no snow. What the heck, global warming?! Lame. So we we have no snow to take wintry pictures or frolic in, we even got a christmas tree at Home Depot. I have to say it is lovelier than any charlie brown tree we have seen in nature. I feel awful saying that, but it's full and green and beautiful and smells amazing. So there go two of our christmas traditions, that we will surely start up again next year with our daughter (daughter... now that's just crazy... these things are just sinking in slowly you see).

We did decorate our Home Depot tree in all of its tiny glory though. We hung our wedding string lights on it...which we hadn't even thought of this use until now. It's beautiful. (We have had great use from the string lights outside in our backyard, my parents use them as house christmas lights, two friends have used them at their weddings, and at our wedding...not too shabby target string lights)

We also had a very sweet friend give us an ornament this christmas.... is that not perfect?! I couldn't have picked out a better ornament to signify this christmas time of being pregnant expecting our spud. She even has my hairstyle! Thanks Bryna and Nick!

And we have a rather large present under next to the christmas tree (the big purple one above). It's from my parents or shall I say grandparents. First package to have spud's real name on it. Yes, we have spud's name picked out already...I will save that for a post soon!

I also just found out that my preceptorship next semester will be in a Labor and Delivery unit... how unbelievable is that?! I'm super stoked. I am hoping to be a Labor and Delivery nurse this summer upon graduation so this should help me gain skills to be a better nurse and further my career... or help me to decide real quick that it's not for me. And regardless it will be a blast to feel like a "real nurse" and learn a ton of information for our pending delivery. So this break I will be studying up on all things maternity from my nursing books... pretty fun. Oh yeah, and starting my resume and cover letter... not as much fun.

And that's about our christmas break so far... being only day two of real winter break after finals. We have some house projects to do and goals to reach this winter break which I will post about soon... super exciting! Do you have any fun things planned for winter break?... perhaps baby planning?!


  1. That's awesome you will be in L and D next semester! I must say my L and D nurses, I had many being there for a week were amazing! So kind, fun, genuine and helpful, I definitely think you have the personality for it!!! And you get to see new life come into the world and be a part of a families very special moment!!!
    No plans for winter break for us, just enjoying the boys! I think that is amazing that you already have little girl's name picked out!!! We had a hard time finding names (I think boys names are harder). We had two girls names, but didn't get to use them :( ours were Olivia and Hannah! I look forward to hearing what you picked! I love the names we ended up with for the boys and I can't imagine them with any other name. Enjoy your break and have a very Merry Christmas :)

  2. Oh I totally understand what you are going through! I can't seem to sit down and have much needed breaks these days with everything going on. I feel like I am in hyperdrive which is not so good for an already pooped out mommy to be! ( that being said hopefully there is a blog post coming soon!)

    My poor christmas cards are still sitting here...after Christmas cards perhaps?

    I can't wait to her your daughters name! :)


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