Wednesday, June 4, 2014

six months

(a post I forgot to publish a month ago...when hank was 6 months old)

Hey big boy, you're six months old! Our quality of life greatly improved in our house this past month. HUGE month. Sleep deprivation days are over, you are growing, and we love you more and more every day. Just like when Cora turned 6 months, we said we could have a whole slew of 6 month babes, this time in your life is no different. You're wonderful. Let the fun begin.

 What you have been up to this past month...

  • You sleep through the night! Oh, henry. This makes us such happy parents. I thought it was going to be a fluke...but then it stuck shortly after you turned 5 months. You sleep 12hrs at night! We do a bedtime routine with you- dinner with cora, eating baby foods, bathtime, PJs and nighttime diaper, then a bottle. We put you down in your crib usually drowsy...and you flip yourself right over to your tummy and go fast to sleep around 6:30pm. Then you cry for us around 6:30am- take a bottle and about 75% of the time you take a nap after this bottle for another hour. Way to go hank! 
  • You also just learned how to sit all by yourself, unassisted. You can't get to sitting without our help- but you can stay sitting. We love this independence. 
  • You walk with quite determination in your walker. It is hilarious to us that you want to get places so badly. Oh, crawling will be fun someday. 
  • You're just a happy dude. 
  • You like to be in our arms, looking at the world. But you are learning how to be a little more content in a walker, rolling around on the ground, sitting, jumping...we appreciate this. 
  • You don't mind the sun in your eyes- except for the consecutive and adorably cute sneezes, you aren't too sensitive to hot or cold, or bumps from your sister. 
  • I took you AND your sister to your well-babe checks, 2 yr and 6 months. We had shots, and weigh-ins, and assessments. And we did it. Just the three of us. You did great.