Saturday, April 27, 2013

the first trimester of pregnancy (tater tot style)

tater tot's 10 week ultrasound

So it's not really my style to keep secrets. I hate it. Let me re-phrase, I don't mind keeping other's secrets, I just don't have too many of my own. I'm a share-er. So the fact that we kept our pregnancy a matt-cora-me-and tater tot exclusive secret, I have some updating to do now...

Want to hear about the first 3 months of pregnancy, this second time around? I thought so!

Matt and I had finally just this January started talking about, hey we could probably have another child. Before that I wasn't ready physically...and we were adjusting to our new lives. I thought that perhaps getting pregnant may be hard again (it took us a year with Cora), and I wanted our babes to be about 2-3 yrs apart, so perhaps we should start thinking about it. Matt agreed- lets start getting pregnant after summer (ha.) And if we got pregnant now... it would be ok.

4 weeks(Feb 18th)
My initial symptoms? Flushed face. Weird right. Matt even commented- why is your neck all red?! I didn't know, so weird. I wasn't nervous or anything. Then I just missed my period by a day... so I took a test- negative. Still no period, some period-esq cramping and MAJOR grumpies towards matt. Oh man, I was awful and couldn't even help it. So 3 days later....took another preg test for the hell of it. Pregnant. CRAZY. I walked out to show Matt (and Cora)...we both smiled in disbelief. Seriously?! We didn't even try. This was too easy. No way. Seriously?!

We did the math super fast. I would be due in October. Cora and tater tot would be 18 months apart. WOW. That means a super prego- summer. I hadn't planned on that. We were going to be stress-free trying to get pregnant this summer, meanwhile camping the hell out of Idaho. Hmm. Interesting.

5,6 & 7 weeks
Still just fine. Minimal cramping...moderate grumpies...pretty exhausted. And just a tad bit of feeling uneasy, but not super nauseated. I just find that if I eat all the time, no empty stomach I feel better. (...yeah, I have no idea why I gained 50 lbs with my last pregnancy) But the first time I was much more nauseated, so I was pleasantly surprised.

We had our first prenatal appointment with our midwife at 7 weeks... she was ecstatic to see us. I think because we are easy patients- no questions, just happiness... pure joy.

8,9 & 10 weeks
Some nausea- uneasy days and days that kicked my butt, but mainly so incredibly exhausted. Last time during this stage I was able to loaf-around, sleep (when I wasn't in nursing school or working nights) but you know... not take care of a super mobile almost 1 yr old. So that's new. I constantly felt like I was so groggy I just woke up from not enough sleep and needed a coffee badly...or that it has been the longest hang over of my life. All day, everyday. Didn't matter how much sleep I had. Night shifts- grueling. But I knew I would get my energy back in a month. It was short lived. And thankfully I had matt to let me sleep/take naps.

11 weeks
At 11 weeks we had our first ultrasound. We thought it was week 11, but turns out I was only 10 weeks along, so the due date was re-calculated to a November babe. We could have had an ultrasound earlier, but quite frankly I wanted to see a baby...not a comma or a gummy bear. I wanted to see our little tater tot. So I thought we could wait. Even though it killed me everyday- feeling like this whole pregnancy wasn't really real. For three reasons...#1 we didn't try #2 we didn't tell anyone to celebrate #3 all I had was some positive pee sticks. So an ultrasound could have helped, but we waited.

At the ultrasound we saw 2 arms, 2 legs...a beating heart and a sweet wiggly body with hiccups. The U/S tech said...oh wow... looks like you have an active baby. Ha! Well that will be brand new to us. Cora in utero was flopping all around, hiccups galore... and hasn't slowed down yet.

At 11 weeks all of our family came into town for Cora's birthday party. On friday morning we planned a breakfast for all to convene at. I put cora in her big sister shirt and put a zip up sweat shirt over it. When all were around matt took off her sweatshirt... the first to notice was my sister and matt's sister jenni. It was all so fast, but they basically said...umm...cora is not a big sister. Like I had accidentally bought the wrong shirt. But I don't buy shirts with words on them- its a pet peeve of mine. Anyways, I said...yes... she will be a big sister in November. They were all so excited and shocked. It was grand.

12 weeks
I feel great, my energy is mostly back, a little uneasy from time to time. But good. I almost forget that I'm pregnant chasing after Cora. Still some food aversions... but that's not hard to navigate. My waist line is increasing... I am feeling fat, but I have only gained a pound. But overall this pregnancy is much easier. Which makes me think it will be a boy. We shall see!

And just like that it seemed like the first trimester flew by. It was fun to have it be our little secret but difficult. For those 3 months we kept on secretly looking at cora and beaming that we will have a second one just as awesome, but totally a brand new human being. Pregnancy is exciting, I love it. And I love even more being done with the first trimester hang-over.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

life is good.

I think I've used this post heading before... but it is! It's so good, that I have been procrastinating about organizing Cora's First Birthday Party photos and post.... because gosh, she keeps me busy!And life is good, we are just living and enjoying it.
I made a lasagna for the first time ever. It was in the crock pot... super easy, really good. Especially if I remembered to put the top cheesy layer on. Oh well. [Here] is the recipe I used. Cora liked it too.
I made fresh bread, for the first time. Yup. In the dutch oven, amazing...and fresh. And the smells in our house? Heavenly. The recipe was from [here], via pinterest. Aren't you proud of me? I usually don't cook, matt is the cook in our house. So to pull off both lasagna and bread that were tasty in the same day- incredible feats.
Multitasking... talking on the phone, while holding baby...walking into the laundry room. I have no idea where she saw this.
All of these pictures were taken within about... oh...15 minutes. Busy. Well, you know this... if you have a one year old. BUSY, extremely busy. And I have a feeling it won't get any slower.
Yea, so...just being a pregnant mom, with my little lemon drop. Life is good. And it's starting to get warm outside. Oh my favorite time of year... summer. And Cora is growing so fast in front of our eyes, we are cherishing it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

twelve months!!

one. that's right cora!
How did our baby turn one?! She is very much a toddler, and it blows my mind. I call her my little tot. She tots around, working hard, always moving.  Last year on this very day we were doing something entirely different. I was pushing for-evvvvver....not knowing what the word parenthood meant. Matt was excited and my support person...not yet a true dad. He proved himself to be a "dad" in every sense of the word at 4:49pm, april 18th 2012. From that second on he was a dad, a loving dad that would give anything for his new best friend... our cora. Parenthood has been amazing, and tough, and incredible.  We are forever parents.
What you have been up to this past month...
  • you had your first birthday party...with a cake, and one candle, and a happy birthday song. It was glorious, and I thought this may be your least favorite day with all attention on just you...but you did great.
  • your walking is almost flawless. somehow you pick up your knees and walk like a tiny person, quickly. No more toddles.
  • Climbing, oh boy. We are needing to baby-proof to a whole new level. You climb from ottoman, to couch, to rocking chair, to window seat... then smile with accomplishment. We even caught you carrying your alphabet magnets container to use as a step to get into the window seat. Too clever.
  • You can give us hugs when we ask and sometimes even a kiss.
  • A new favorite: a baby doll for your birthday from grandma... and you take this little baby everywhere. You burp the baby, give the baby hugs, and walk the baby in the stroller. So sweet. (which makes me so pleased, for practicing for November tater tot)
  • Not really talking yet...lots of babbles. You are able to look for things we ask for: ball, dogs, mom, dad, music...and follow commands. So we think you can hear and understand. Maybe one day you'll start talking.
  • You like to twist lids off of bottles, put things away, clean, help me with laundry. Your new busy board we made you should keep you...well... busy.
  • No more formula... just milk, trying new big girl foods, and watered down juice.
Happy First Birthday Cora!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


...big sister...

Yup! We are pregnant! We are expecting our little Tater Tot this November 3rd. He/she is about 11 weeks along in utero-land.
Cora was the one to "tell" our family at her 1st birthday party weekend. Our parents and siblings traveled from afar to see enjoy her birthday, so friday when everyone was in town we had a little breakfast party...with cora wearing the news on her shirt. So much fun.

The reaction was... "cora is not a big sister." Oh yes, she will be.

So are you doing the math yet? Spud (cora) and tater tot (to be determined) will be 18 months apart. Closer than we expected... but more on that later.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

crunchy coleslaw

So let me first say this... this is not my recipe! Bryna, my dear Idahoan friend, actually would bring this coleslaw to each of our parties we would go to. I would eat the hell out of it, and finally I asked for the recipe and made it myself. Let me tell you...this salad is addicting. It's sensational. It's unique. You can't even decipher what's in it...except you know you have to have more. It's bryna's recipe that I have tweaked a tiny bit for fun. You can also find versions of this recipe out there, but I think this one is the best. Thanks Bryna. You and your crunchy-slaw rock.

Crunchy Coleslaw

1 1/4 heads of cabbage (I use 1 head of green, with about 1/4 head of red for fun color) coarsely chopped
4 diced green onions
1/3 cup already roasted sunflower seeds
1.5 uncooked Ramen noodle packages, smashed up

Candied almonds:
1/4 cup butter
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup sliced almonds

6 Tablespoons rice vinegar
5 Tablespoons white sugar
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (light taste)
1.5 oriental Ramen flavor packets

1. First get super excited. You're about to make a tasty salad, with cabbage, that's way easy.
2. Now, cut up cabbage to about 1/2" chunks, slice green onions and mix together in a bowl. I cover & refrigerate this bowl now.
3. Make dressing- I use a small ball jar. Mix vinegar with sugar, then add in 1.5 oriental flavor packets, and add in the oil. Put on the lid, give it some good shakes. Then I place this jar in the fridge too.
4. Saute sliced almonds. Melt butter with sugar in a sauce pan. Add in almonds. I put it on medium heat and continually stir. Once you start smelling the sugary goodness, the almonds are probably starting to turn light brown. Then you're done!
5. Pour the candied almonds on tin foil/wax paper & spread them out. This way they don't all clump together.
6. Crunch up about 1.5 packages of uncooked ramen noodles.
7. I like to put the ramen noodles, sunflower seeds and cooled almonds in a bag together...ready to top the salad.
8. Make sure to pour all of the dressing (shaken up again) and the toppings at the last minute. Toss it all together. This isn't a "dressing-on-the-side" salad... it's a full blown real deal, jam-packed-calorie salad. The salad will get soggy if its all mixed too soon, so time it right. You want this to be a crisp, crunchy salad.

Amazing. I think I need to go make another batch. Enjoy!

* side note: some people use white vinegar instead of rice vinegar- tastes the same. I just feel fancier using rice vinegar, but I've done the other way- it's great too. You can also use vegetable oil instead of EVOO. I have gotten carried away with oil- and it tastes too oily, I like the EVOO- light best, and I scaled it down in my recipe. You can also use bagged cabbage- I haven't done it. Have you actually seen real heads of cabbage? They're beautiful. So I enjoy cutting my own up fresh. Also...candy the almonds. This makes a huge difference. So tasty, and smells great. So do it.


Monday, April 8, 2013

nailed it.

Ever feel like this?

Yea. I have been planning Cora's 1st birthday party ...and crafting for the past few weeks. Hence, my lack of blog-presence. I guess I haven't really crafted since Cora has been born, and oh man. I am rusty. I have quite a few "nailed it" projects, that I have scrapped, re-vamped, and re-done. This takes forever!!

Matt just laughs at me while I am working at the table, late into the night...asking him for his opinion. He says "oh, yea...nailed it" I laugh, and try again.

Anyways. Wish me luck. Her party is Saturday. Let's hope I don't nail it.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

wallowa lake...a cabin adventure.

We took a mini- vacation...and it was wonderful. Have you guys ever heard of wallowa lake? Its beautiful. All you have to do is do one google image search, and you're sold. Its only about a 4 hours drive from Boise...its in Joseph, Oregon. Just a lake with a tiny town. We rented a cabin with a lake view... just gorgeous. It was matt's spring break...and I work weekends so we ran away for a few days during this past week. No dogs... just the three of us. No internet, no TV, no cell phone service. Totally peaceful. We were able to re-group, do some thinking, some talking, some walking, have some downtime away from daily routines.

We rented a two bedroom cabin, so that cora could have her own room with a pack and play. This was off-season for the cabin rentals, which was nice for us. We will go back again over the summer some time, maybe camp. One of the mountains has a gondola that opens up in the summer- how cool would that be?
oh man, I love how tiny she looks roaming this cabin.

her first fire....she's hooked. our little pyro.

Anyways, Cora was all over the place. Walking back and forth in and out of rooms, carrying boots from room to room, helping dad make the fire, looking out the window for any kind of wildlife with me. And of course being tackled by her dad- he yells out "football tackle!!" and Cora starts smiling/laughing, trying to run away and he scoops her up, and plops her down on something soft. Its hilarious. They both love it.

 adorable galoshes preferred for snow-tromping.

Cora had her first sledding experience. Well, it was an inner tube without a hole that we pushed her down some snowy hills on. She thought it was pretty fun, until we did a hill a little outside her comfort zone. whoops.

there's no wrong time to hamm-can it.

This is just kick-starting our summer full of camping and exploring in Idaho. Of course in March it is too cold to go camping with an almost one year old (ahhh.... one!?!).  So this cabin adventure was perfect and decadent....and awesome.

my favorite picture of the vacation. my two loves, loving nature.