Thursday, April 18, 2013

twelve months!!

one. that's right cora!
How did our baby turn one?! She is very much a toddler, and it blows my mind. I call her my little tot. She tots around, working hard, always moving.  Last year on this very day we were doing something entirely different. I was pushing for-evvvvver....not knowing what the word parenthood meant. Matt was excited and my support person...not yet a true dad. He proved himself to be a "dad" in every sense of the word at 4:49pm, april 18th 2012. From that second on he was a dad, a loving dad that would give anything for his new best friend... our cora. Parenthood has been amazing, and tough, and incredible.  We are forever parents.
What you have been up to this past month...
  • you had your first birthday party...with a cake, and one candle, and a happy birthday song. It was glorious, and I thought this may be your least favorite day with all attention on just you...but you did great.
  • your walking is almost flawless. somehow you pick up your knees and walk like a tiny person, quickly. No more toddles.
  • Climbing, oh boy. We are needing to baby-proof to a whole new level. You climb from ottoman, to couch, to rocking chair, to window seat... then smile with accomplishment. We even caught you carrying your alphabet magnets container to use as a step to get into the window seat. Too clever.
  • You can give us hugs when we ask and sometimes even a kiss.
  • A new favorite: a baby doll for your birthday from grandma... and you take this little baby everywhere. You burp the baby, give the baby hugs, and walk the baby in the stroller. So sweet. (which makes me so pleased, for practicing for November tater tot)
  • Not really talking yet...lots of babbles. You are able to look for things we ask for: ball, dogs, mom, dad, music...and follow commands. So we think you can hear and understand. Maybe one day you'll start talking.
  • You like to twist lids off of bottles, put things away, clean, help me with laundry. Your new busy board we made you should keep you...well... busy.
  • No more formula... just milk, trying new big girl foods, and watered down juice.
Happy First Birthday Cora!


  1. happy birthday big girl!! you will be shocked at how much she will change in the next 6 months!! it only keeps getting better!!

    1. thanks erin! oh my goodness, I see 18 month olds around town... they look so old! Cora will be 18 months and getting a brand new sibling. I am sure she will look all grown up to us. When did the boys start talking?


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