Saturday, April 6, 2013

wallowa lake...a cabin adventure.

We took a mini- vacation...and it was wonderful. Have you guys ever heard of wallowa lake? Its beautiful. All you have to do is do one google image search, and you're sold. Its only about a 4 hours drive from Boise...its in Joseph, Oregon. Just a lake with a tiny town. We rented a cabin with a lake view... just gorgeous. It was matt's spring break...and I work weekends so we ran away for a few days during this past week. No dogs... just the three of us. No internet, no TV, no cell phone service. Totally peaceful. We were able to re-group, do some thinking, some talking, some walking, have some downtime away from daily routines.

We rented a two bedroom cabin, so that cora could have her own room with a pack and play. This was off-season for the cabin rentals, which was nice for us. We will go back again over the summer some time, maybe camp. One of the mountains has a gondola that opens up in the summer- how cool would that be?
oh man, I love how tiny she looks roaming this cabin.

her first fire....she's hooked. our little pyro.

Anyways, Cora was all over the place. Walking back and forth in and out of rooms, carrying boots from room to room, helping dad make the fire, looking out the window for any kind of wildlife with me. And of course being tackled by her dad- he yells out "football tackle!!" and Cora starts smiling/laughing, trying to run away and he scoops her up, and plops her down on something soft. Its hilarious. They both love it.

 adorable galoshes preferred for snow-tromping.

Cora had her first sledding experience. Well, it was an inner tube without a hole that we pushed her down some snowy hills on. She thought it was pretty fun, until we did a hill a little outside her comfort zone. whoops.

there's no wrong time to hamm-can it.

This is just kick-starting our summer full of camping and exploring in Idaho. Of course in March it is too cold to go camping with an almost one year old (ahhh.... one!?!).  So this cabin adventure was perfect and decadent....and awesome.

my favorite picture of the vacation. my two loves, loving nature.


  1. How fun! I bet Cora had a blast!

  2. you are the most adorable family. i love seeing you guys! the lake looks glorious. glad you had fun! xo


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