Tuesday, March 19, 2013

eleven months

11 months, time sure does fly. Just one more month, sweet Cora and you'll be one year old. We are cherishing this last month of baby-dom, then its off to being a toddler. I remember around this time last year I was huge, feeling your little bottom flop side to side (I should have known what a firecracker you'd be)... and counting down the days to when we'd get to meet you. This march is a very different march last year. Our lives are so completely different than we could have ever imagined. This life is wonderful with you, Cora.

What you have been up to this past month...
  • you walk about 90% of the time, and crawl the rest. Your waddle is getting more stable every day. You just figured out how to stand up from sitting, while using your stuffed animals to push off of.
  • you have two bottom teeth! they are adorable and small and jagged.
  • we call you our little coranado. You are non-stop, a flurry of toys... total destruction in your path, all over the house. It's exhausting and wonderful at the same time.
  • popsicles are a blast. not only do they help you with teething, but you love them.
  • you prefer to use a fork or spoon with meals. you intently "work" on feeding yourself every day.
  • You wave hello, you "cheers" your bottle with our glasses, and you smell flowers with your scrunchy nose.
  • you went to the park for the first time and you loved the slide and the swing. I see lots of park-time in our future.
  • You are a very happy child, who clearly loves us. We couldn't be more proud of you as our daughter.

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