Wednesday, March 6, 2013

helicopters for parents.

peeking under the door. she loves closing doors...then opening, then closing, then opening.
 watch out tiny fingers!

So, I am not a helicopter mom... I know, shocking... it's written all over my child's healing forehead. I wasn't really sure how I would be as a mom, but I am rather lax and so is Matt . I believe in letting her grow and explore...and learn perhaps the hard but pretty safe way. This means she gets a few bumps and nicks along the way, ie. stitches to the head at 9 months. Whooops. This keeps me up at night, literally. I feel awful. I am thinking about adopting some helicopter traits for my own sanity.

I usually let cora explore, with my hands close by to help aid her falls, remove dangerous items, say uh-oh appropriately, watching her every move/facial reaction from afar (because she endlessly enamours us)... but the little head knocks on the chairs- that's ok by me. She will learn spacial awareness- which she is! I never gasp before she falls, I let her learn her own reactions/consequences, not to be scared by mine. But she is walking, standing, and crawling fast. She puts everything in her mouth. She is gutsy and seems to like everything she shouldn't. I am a Montessorian by nature, and well also my 1st career. I believe in letting kids have their independence with some boundaries and respect. So now I just have to mentally balance my choices in mothering. I have to be okay with the bruises if I'm not going to hover over her every move. My little person is growing in this awesome brand new world. It's not always going to be pretty.

So, is this why I have nightmares about my kid rolling over on a knife?! Awful. Of course knives are never allowed even in her vicinity, but having this independent little soul makes my dreams nervous. It's a ton of responsibility. But eeesh... I need these dreams to go away. I am happy that matt is on board... we actually have rather similar parenting styles so far. Happy, encouraging, calm, and patient. So that helps.

Would you say you're a helicopter mom? How does the balance work out?


  1. I think you're doing a great job, Linds. If it were me, I'd be the most obnoxious helicopter and my baby would revolt at age two and run (toddle) away from home. Wish I could come hover over little Cora for you for a bit though--miss that little face! (p.s. this is my third try posting, I am such a dork)

  2. Jamie...thats sweet! I love your comments...they brighten my day, so thanks!! Ha. I'm sure you'd be a chill mom, one of the cool ones that everyone wants.


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