Friday, April 25, 2014

little oak and big elm

um... this sweet face kills me. 
i will give you anything in this whole wide world dear little henry oaks, i promise.

One benefit from having nap times not match up... we get to spoil one kid at a time, pretend they are our only child for an hour. It is fun.

oh yes, your sweet face kills me too- i will give you anything and everything in this world as well, my sweet little cora elm.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

five months

Five months? Now where has the time gone. I knew right around this time when you would start becoming a fun dude, time would start flying by- and it has. You are still fussy and not a content guy- but you are fun and you love the hell out of us. All you have to do is see our faces and you have a huge smile. You are doing really cool things and we love watching you grow up. So amazing, little guy.

What you have been up to this past month...
  • Two teeth! Henry!!! You have two tiny teeth, front bottom teeth. Amazing. We thought you were teething, and were certainly grumpy, drooling and chewing on your hands...and then you sprouted two teeth. Don't be fooled by their tiny size, these are fierce, sharp teeth.
  • You *occasionally* sleep through the night, like 12 hours. It's also amazing. It seems to be you have one good night of sleep, then one bad one. Of course nothing is really that predictable.
  • You love to roll from back to tummy and tummy to back. You are quite proficient.
  • We took the leap of sleeping you unswaddled...and it works for bedtime! Nap time we still need to constrain your arms for a longer, more purposeful nap. You were fighting that swaddle so much throughout the night, so we stopped, and it has been nice for you to soothe yourself as we muddle through cry-it-out method. 
  • Your laugh is precious. You are most ticklish under your arms and chin. You also laugh with peek a boo or when dad scares you and says "I'm going to get you!" Cora also loves being spooked- so this is not new to us, you're just clearly one of our kids, it fits.
  • You like to eat baby food at dinner and lunch. You weren't a fan of rice cereal, you like the tasty foods like carrots, bananas, squash, pears, peas even. 
  • You just barely found your toes and can hold a toy for a little while to chew on. 
  • Your skin is quite sensitive perhaps to detergents/soaps. You get rashes extremely easily. Perhaps its being fair skinned/redheaded...we shall see if you outgrow it. Your eyes are still a questionable color. You remind me so much of your sister, you are definitely siblings. 
  • Going on stroller-walks are a blast. You can ride just like a big kid in the BOB, so we got a double stroller to enjoy this springtime.
  • You love to stand and can "walk" as we hold your body. I can't wait for you to be able to sit up on your own, I have this suspicion that your fussies will go away as soon as you can keep yourself upright and watch the world.
  • I kiss you and your sister's tiny feet every time I change your diapers.(yes, every time!) It's my way of slowing down time and telling you I love you dearly. I also kiss your little heads each time I take you both in and out of the car- I cherish you both so much. You are amazing little people and I know these days are fleeting. I savor every moment, I truly do.