Wednesday, July 18, 2012

three months

Cora dear... you are three months old now.
Here is what you have been up to this past month...
  • you are just learning how to intentionally roll from side to side.
  • you can grab toys, your little fingers move so gracefully now it brings tears to our eyes.
  • during tummy time you all of a sudden lift your head up so high
  • we just found the joy of co-sleeping, or rather co-napping. it's fantastic and easy... and we will probably start off your brother/sister doing this a bunch earlier. sleep... roll over... breastfeed... sleep. it's flawless and amazing.
  • you had been weary of mirrors, up until a week ago when you noticed my face and smiled at my reflection.
  • you like to put things in your mouth...your hands, our hands, toys... we wonder if you're teething... this is to be determined.
  • dad says you giggled a few days ago, I haven't heard it... but I wish in times like these I either didn't have to go to work or your dad iphone-video-taped you my whole 12 hour shift. ...something to consider.
  • even though it's a little early to tell, we think you are going to have big bright beautiful blue eyes, but hair color we aren't sure of just says strawberry blonde, and I say blonde.
  • it has been a wonderful month. you are growing so much every day and we love noticing these huge milestones.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

having it all.

Well... life just keeps on chugging. Somehow between work and baby... I seem not to "have it all" but... I am working on it. I want to have endless hours with cora, I want my relationship to be strong with matt like it was before spud arrival, I want to enjoy summertime camping with our little family, I want to be a wonderful nurse, and I want some free time to myself perhaps to blog with a glass of wine. Some time I want to have all of this. How do you working moms do it?