Wednesday, July 18, 2012

three months

Cora dear... you are three months old now.
Here is what you have been up to this past month...
  • you are just learning how to intentionally roll from side to side.
  • you can grab toys, your little fingers move so gracefully now it brings tears to our eyes.
  • during tummy time you all of a sudden lift your head up so high
  • we just found the joy of co-sleeping, or rather co-napping. it's fantastic and easy... and we will probably start off your brother/sister doing this a bunch earlier. sleep... roll over... breastfeed... sleep. it's flawless and amazing.
  • you had been weary of mirrors, up until a week ago when you noticed my face and smiled at my reflection.
  • you like to put things in your mouth...your hands, our hands, toys... we wonder if you're teething... this is to be determined.
  • dad says you giggled a few days ago, I haven't heard it... but I wish in times like these I either didn't have to go to work or your dad iphone-video-taped you my whole 12 hour shift. ...something to consider.
  • even though it's a little early to tell, we think you are going to have big bright beautiful blue eyes, but hair color we aren't sure of just says strawberry blonde, and I say blonde.
  • it has been a wonderful month. you are growing so much every day and we love noticing these huge milestones.


  1. such a cutie! I think I spy some redish tones in her hair but you never know!

  2. redish hair for certain. so cute.


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