Friday, May 18, 2012

one month!!

Oh Cora... you're one month old today. Time sure does fly.

I will be doing monthly photos of our dear Cora now. The quilt she is lying on is made by her grandma....and I will be placing her on it for our monthly photos to have a cute backdrop to gauge just how much she has grown.

Our little wiggle worm had about 50 out-takes to get to this one. I can only imagine it will get trickier!

I will also be making a snapfish-type photo book at the end of the year of all 12 months of cora-dom, with a little synopsis of what she was up to each month of her life.  So stay tuned friends and family for our monthly updates!

What you were up to this first month:

  • your favorite only way to sleep is on our chest, tummy to skin....all of the time.
  • tummy time is also your favorite... so we now do scheduled on-your-back-time
  • you go from happy to sad within seconds usually with screeching involved...this usually makes your dad and I feel inept at parenting...but bare with us, we are learning.
  • swaddling is not your cup of tea, but you need it to fall asleep with your wiggling body
  • you are so very strong you can even roll yourself from side to side, which we are pretty sure shouldn't happen just yet
  • you just mastered breastfeeding a day before you turned 1 month... way to go cora!
  • you LOVE to hear your dad play are mesmerized by the sounds and his hand movement
  • you love bath time, attempting to swim in the big tub...however just like your dad you don't care for lotion
  • we don't do flat surfaces now...we do inclines everywhere for your reflux, that we foolishly hope will pass any day now
  • you are packing on the pounds and growing like have probably already gained 2 pounds since birth
  • you are just noticing faces and expressions...we like to think you are practicing smiling at us, we can't wait to see a real one
  • you like to talk, "sing" and grunt when you are drinking, it's adorable. Just please keep to the drinking and less of the choking
  • we love you with all of our tired hearts....please get more sleep and cry less next month.


  1. awww she is adorable and the quilt is just beautiful :)

    I am crossing my fingers for more sleep and less crying!

  2. Love the quilt! You will cherish your monthly photos, I sure do! They grow and change so fast and you will so look back on this 1st month photo and never believe she was that small :) I do shutterfly books. I have made 2, 0-3 and 3-6 months. I am working on 6-9 months and then I will do 9-12 months, way too many photos to do one book a year. I thought that is what I would do but soon realized that with over 1,000 pictures in the first 3 months I knew that would ever fly!!! I hope you are getting more sleep this next gets better, our boys started basically sleeping 6-8 hours at night at 3 months!!! She is so cute!

  3. already!?!?! how the heck...! she is beautiful. and as always, love and appreciate your candidness!


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