Sunday, February 27, 2011

saying goodbye to wine...

...the invitation I made for our wine tasting party and the picture was taken with my new camera, that I absolutely LOVE...

So in honor of saying goodbye to wine for a few years we decided to throw a wine tasting party with our Idaho friends in January. It was a blast! Each couple brought their favorite wine, at the door I threw it in a bag with a number on it and lined them up. We then tasted (who am I kidding...we devoured...) about 10 wines, white and red...without knowing the names of the wines or seeing their cute labels. We scored the wines individually then unveiled the bottles... we were shocked. Our favorite wine was...Carlo Rossi. What the heck?! Matt and I could have sworn our favorite wine all of these past years was a nice old vine marietta. Nope. Surprisingly the ol' carlo jug is our palette's wine of choice.
So as we all drank into the night, my girlfriends told me about how some of their pregnant friends were told by their doctors that they could have a glass of wine every night. That these pregnant women were so stressed out, that if a glass of wine mellowed them, then perfect. Seriously drinking during pregnancy?! Interesting. Pregnant women are incredibly hard to do studies on, how much alcohol is okay? At what point do you have the risk for fetal alcohol syndrome? Not that I will be drinking alcohol anymore, but its an interesting idea... how much do we really know about that prenatal period?! I am sure there will be a whole slew of items to avoid 20 years from now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's february.

You know what this means?! Spud time! How did these months fly by so quickly? Unreal. So of course I have utilized those ovulation calendars. We aren't super stressed out- if it happens, it happens...if not...we had fun. I know stress can effect many things, including spud we will be stress-free. I looked up WebMD's ovulation calendar, and according to Dr. Web, I could give birth December 4th-ish 2011! And if no luck this month, then maybe the next month. Unbelievable. I actually feel like we are ready. I have started my OB/mother/baby clinical and I feel good about what we are attempting to embark on. I know whats coming, and I can do it. And I found out my hospital offers tons of baby classes- one of which is hypnobirthing! Fantastic.They won't look at me like a granola-tree-huggin' gal (that I really am not). Awesome!

To Do's that are DONE:
  • go to the dentist, cavity free! They did over 20 xrays! I was so happy to have this done with.
  • go to the dermatologist
  • limit coffee to 1 cup or less a day (this is hard, but doable...warmth with spring will make this easier to just drink cold healthy things like milk and water)
  • debt free... we owe nothing (besides school loans) and we are sitting pretty to be able to be saving. yay!
  • prenatal vitamins still going strong.
  • eating healthier....fruits and veggies, less eating out.
Still To Do's:
  • schedule a pre-conception apt. This I am having a hard time with. Do I really need this appointment?! I think we read enough to know whats healthy and whats not. We have very few risks. I think I want to forego this apt. I kind of want to save up our money/insurance costs for the real-deal prenatal appointments. Bad idea?! Maybe.
  • figure out how to incorporate exercise into my already super busy schedule.