Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's february.

You know what this means?! Spud time! How did these months fly by so quickly? Unreal. So of course I have utilized those ovulation calendars. We aren't super stressed out- if it happens, it happens...if not...we had fun. I know stress can effect many things, including spud we will be stress-free. I looked up WebMD's ovulation calendar, and according to Dr. Web, I could give birth December 4th-ish 2011! And if no luck this month, then maybe the next month. Unbelievable. I actually feel like we are ready. I have started my OB/mother/baby clinical and I feel good about what we are attempting to embark on. I know whats coming, and I can do it. And I found out my hospital offers tons of baby classes- one of which is hypnobirthing! Fantastic.They won't look at me like a granola-tree-huggin' gal (that I really am not). Awesome!

To Do's that are DONE:
  • go to the dentist, cavity free! They did over 20 xrays! I was so happy to have this done with.
  • go to the dermatologist
  • limit coffee to 1 cup or less a day (this is hard, but doable...warmth with spring will make this easier to just drink cold healthy things like milk and water)
  • debt free... we owe nothing (besides school loans) and we are sitting pretty to be able to be saving. yay!
  • prenatal vitamins still going strong.
  • eating healthier....fruits and veggies, less eating out.
Still To Do's:
  • schedule a pre-conception apt. This I am having a hard time with. Do I really need this appointment?! I think we read enough to know whats healthy and whats not. We have very few risks. I think I want to forego this apt. I kind of want to save up our money/insurance costs for the real-deal prenatal appointments. Bad idea?! Maybe.
  • figure out how to incorporate exercise into my already super busy schedule.


  1. Yeah, how exciting!
    We officially started TTC this month.
    I’m on my 2 week wait past ovulation (TMI ?), so I’m patiently waiting to see if this is the month for us! : )
    Have you checked out Fertility Friend? It is a great website.
    Can’t wait to hear more along your journey. : )

  2. ooo how exciting for you guys!! Doesn't the waiting just suck?! Thanks for the website, I will go check it out. Good luck!!


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