Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a little splurge here and there.

[my disappearing pink pedicured toes]

There are a few things during this pregnancy that I have splurged on and loved every second of it.

1. pedicures. Even when I could reach my feet (which I can't now) I justified that it was the perfect amount of pampering I needed. So once a month I get one. It's amazing. I love that time.

2. prenatal massages. I have had about 3 of them. I like them...I will probably get another. But I like really deep tissue massage- something they are hesitant to do on a pregnant lady. So I feel like they are not as satisfying as pre-pregnancy. However, my next one I will be trying is a hot stone massage... I can't wait. Regardless.... laying on your belly is amazing on their special beds. I feel like Cora has the most optimal blood flow possible. It's her time to really develop her little meninges. My hospital that I will be delivering at gives all new moms a *complementary* massage. Sure, I know I'm paying a few thousand for it in reality...but I am really looking forward to this massage. It will be well deserved.

3. eating. I eat a lot. I justified eating anything that would calm my stomach in the first trimester. And now...I just eat every 1-2 hours. Seriously. I try to get all my nutrients in, but I still eat unhealthy things too. I am trying not to be too hard on myself and enjoy the ride. Because if I eat, don't eat, or over eat I still feel bloated...so I eat!

4. buying a comfy couch. I have hated our couch for years. Really and truly hated it... I have no idea why we kept on getting uncomfortable couches. I hadn't realized that we could buy a comfy couch just like our parents have-where you sit in it and immediately feel cozy. Well we did it- we bought a cozy couch. I love it. We justified this purchase due to the countless hours I hope to be breastfeeding and sitting a lot on the couch with little Cora. It's microfiber, which is fine... not as good as leather for the dog hair or soon to be spit-ups. But it's warm and comforting and worth it. It even has a chaise part on it too that I love.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a couple of DIY OSB tables.

A few weeks back we joined the 21st century and bought a TV. It's a pretty big deal for us. We had an old fashioned monster-of-a-TV we kept upstairs... that we had our dvd player hooked up to... but we never used it. We liked to watch hulu or netflix shows, but our TV was too old to hook our computers up to. Anyways, we splurged a little and bought a flat screen. It is wildly exciting to be able to watch our netflix movies on a "big" screen. It's only 32" but to us it feels like a movie theater screen. We now had a little bit of a dilemma... what do we put our TV on?!

[old couch set-up with matt's large and beautiful coffee table...and the ol' chewy popping up in our pictures yet again]
Part two of this dilemma was...we moved our living room/couch set-up to another room...a smaller cozier room that needed a smaller coffee table too. Matt had built us an exquisit coffee table when we first met, but unfortunately it was too big for our TV/couch room now. We also were looking for a coffee table that had a little shelf to stash our computers underneath when we weren't using them. So now we not only needed an entertainment table but also a coffee table.

We shopped a TON and were rather dissatisfied with what we were finding within our budget in our small city. So we decided, what the heck, we could build our own tables!

We know that we LOVE our pipe patio table that we made and knew we could replicate that somehow.

We also are suckers for OSB (oriented strand board). We even have this tree artwork in our bedroom that we made from OSB a few years back.

For this project we bought:
  • 1 1/8" thick OSB sheet
  • 4 black iron pipes
  • 2 flanges (connect the pipe to the underside of the board)
  • 2 couplings (junctions between the pipe pieces for style)
  • 2 reducers (feet)
  • 2 brackets (to mount the table to the wall for just in case when Cora is mobile)
  • hairpin legs for coffee table (old table from an antique store)
  • 2 cans of spray polyurethane
Total cost of the supplies for the two tables: $90
(we also already had an orbital sander & router which were crucial)

The antique table we found for $20 had beat up boards on it, so we removed the boards and up-cycled the legs! The table top happened to have a lazy-susan feature, which is nice and quirky. So the table top spins if you want to rotate it.

[oh geez. make-shift entertainment stand]

So, with that matt started to make our dream tables. We wanted one continuous line for the TV and huge swiss-cheese plant to sit on. Unlike the picture above... so very staggered for such a small wall. The 1 1/8" thickness of the OSB was perfect to be sturdy, look industrial but also give us the edge we wanted. And we thought the coffee table would compliment the pipe-OSB table nicely.

[what OSB looks like after cutting... raw for indoor furniture]

 [matt doing a practice-routing for me to evaluate]

[all of the pieces sanded and ready to be polyurethaned]

[the routered edge without urethane on it yet...so very pretty, almost wood-grain-esq]

We are in love with our tables. They just fit our style. We have so many different types of wood in our house, so the OSB with its little flecks of different colored wood was perfect. The only issue we have with our minimal-industrial table is that there is no hiding the cords or sub woofer. Matt grouped the cords with zip ties and a hook on the underside of the table... but other than that we still see them. I will continue to peruse pinterest for a wire solution.

[our new cozy couch set-up]

[cute skinny pipe leg]

[finished edges, the urethane just makes it pop]

Ta-dah! A couple of DIY OSB tables done! I guess we are still capable of squeezing in projects here and there.

Friday, February 24, 2012

[week 32]

I'm 8 months pregnant!!! 32 weeks, just incredible. So this past week with my pregnancy I have had a few adjustments...

  • I said goodbye to my ankles... and hello lovely cankles! 
  • Edema is slowly but surely consuming me. Some days it's worse than others, something about eating tortilla chips and mexican food makes me swell?! Weird. I'll have to do more research on that one.
  • I no longer wear my wedding rings. I used to have 3 bands that I absolutely loved wearing, but now I just wear one of them. It's simple, sweet, and fits a TON better. I don't feel like I have sausage fingers as much.
  • Contractions are coming and going randomly. I have braxton hicks I believe. They are uncomfortable, not painful... but primarily a what-the-heck, I have a TON to get done before spud comes. I sure hope she waits, for the both of our good. 
  • Sleeping is tricky.
  • Bending over is near impossible. If something falls on the ground, it no longer exists in my world. 
  • Energy level is plummeting... thanks to matt helping life still goes on though.

Monday, February 20, 2012

4 year anniversary!

[Matt and I hiking during our first few weeks together dating... I thought it was hilarious at the time that I looked pregnant with my mittens stuck in my jacket...oh what a thought of where we would be just 4 little years later]

Matt and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this February 20th. Four years ago we met at a sushi restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. It was love at first sight, literally. Super cheesy, I know. So this day is huge for us... and we celebrated it. We went out to sushi, like every other year. The only difference...this year I had cooked, not raw, sushi.

It feels like we've done a lot, and been together forever. I hardly remember life without him... but seriously only 4 years? In 4 years we have lived in 3 states together... returned to college... got married....and now expecting a baby. What a fantastic 4 years.

Friday, February 17, 2012

[week 31]

[My big belly is winning now... yay!!]

So I completely missed the 29 and 30 week picture... not too shocking considering our lives right now. But today I am 31 weeks... 31!! Unbelievable. I know, I can't always say each week is unbelievable but it truly feels that way. I keep looking at my huge profile when I walk by mirrors... holy cow (literally) this is me pregnant. I had been wondering what I would look like pregnant... would I show or just look huge? would my belly be high or low? would I enjoy pregnancy or be miserable with overwhelming symptoms? would our first be a boy or girl? So now I know some answers to a handful of questions... about 500,000 remaining.

[from babycenter.... cute little scrunched-up spud doing tons of summersaults]

At 31 weeks in-utero spud is potentially...
  • 3.3 lbs!!... spud grows a 1/2 a pound a week now
  • 16 inches long
  • she is packing on the fat now, just like me!
  • spud's brain is getting wrinkly with smart little meninges... tons of brain development
  • spud is making her own blood cells in her bone marrow now...I feel like she's already growing up and moving on... my bone marrow is old news

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

and then there were 2 goonies...

[chewy gazing off into the wilderness... the great unknown. When we took this picture last summer we knew he could see things we couldn't... the next life? dog spirits frolicking in the hills? Turns out this was Chewy's last camping excursion, one of the best ones.]

This week has been a tough one for us... we lost a dear friend, Chewy. He was our third goonie...a dog that made our little house feel complete and calm. He passed this week at the grand old age of 13, not bad for the big guy. He had stopped eating in the past week so we had sensed that he was trying to tell us something...but he was still so happy we just couldn't put him down. Then, he passed on his own without a struggle in matt's arms. This was a dog that had been matt's for the 13 years... not just a dog, a true best friend. He came into my life about 4 years ago and I knew that his passing would be a rough one for both of us. He was a perfect dog and he will be missed greatly. Perhaps he is making room for our new addition. We only wish he could have met her. 

Now I promise to post happy things.
 Not busy schedules, not cancer, not death... 
Now we focus on happy life and cherish it...
The head-out-of-the-window type of happiness.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

skin cancer of sorts.


I usually like to focus on happy things, life is too short to be bummed... but something keeps on reoccurring. Skin cancer. I don't care for it...and I also don't care for the keloid scars I get. I do like however to be cancer free after the dermatologist takes some stabs-- so that's positive! My mom has a history of melanoma (a skin cancer on moles)...so my sister and I have always been on the lookout for them. We go to the dermatologist frequently and get moles removed just in case. About 2 years ago, before my wedding I had a mole removed on my thigh that turned out to be melanoma. It was shocking. I couldn't believe the call, that as a 26 year old I had skin cancer?! I was just getting life going excited about the future not thinking about skin cancer. So I had a big ol' chunk removed from my leg... and away went the cancer. Wahoo!

Well, now I go to the dermatologist every 3 months to get my moles looked at and since then I have had two more pre-skin-cancer-ridden moles in the past couple years. And just by a fluke when I scar it becomes keloid (ie. not pretty...big pink bumpy... not a sexy fun scar). So, before excitedly birthing my first child...I have another pre-skin-cancer mole that was removed last week. But we caught it early... it wasn't a melanoma yet! Which is fantastic news. Part two is this upcoming week when I need to return to the dermatologist to get an additional chunk of tissue removed even deeper to get a clear border...then he will suture it up. But the bummer is it happens to be on my boob. Yup. Boob. I said it. Seriously...of all locations right now when I need to have a little life gain sustenance from those jugs? Close and very scary call. And not to mention it's not a fun place to have an incision with all the stretching. But it could have been worse!

So... ladies... go to the dermatologist!! Better to be alive with scars than not alive at all (that's what matt tells me all the time when I complain about my scars).

And that concludes my soap box.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

last semester ever.

[my first day of my last clinical in the spud room with a content little spud brewing]

I just want to share my excitement with all of you...this is my last semester of college...ever. I am beyond thrilled. This being my last semester of nursing school, it means that I will be a nurse soon. I have been working so hard at this, that I can't wait to just be working full time. Going to school full time and working full time is exhausting. Oh yeah, then throw pregnancy in there. I asked for all of it, it was my choice...but seriously. I. am. exhausted. I can't help but smile each time I think about graduating. 

[my grandma's nursing pin- her name is even engraved in the back how amazing is that?! in the top it says "non nobis solum" which means not for us, but for everyone... that people should contribute to the general greater good of humanity, apart from their own interests... pretty wonderful]

I don't actually think I will go to my graduation...they aren't all that special to me (I've already graduated college once before mind you- it wasn't too moving, although my sister's graduation I felt was perfectly tailored for me, in the audience, and I was balling throughout the whole thing). However, my pinning ceremony is a little more unique. Nurses get "pinned" as a sign of leaving the student realm and becoming a colleague. What makes it even more special is that right before my grandma passed away she gave me her pin, from 1939. Crazy right? She went to nursing school in Tacoma, Washington forever ago. It was a huge deal for her to pass it on to me (my little sister is already an RN and becoming a nurse practitioner this May also...talk about over-achiever, a real one-upper...I'm so proud of her). Anyways, I feel obligated to go to my pinning ceremony to honor my grandma's legacy and my future. We will have spud that will be only a couple of weeks old though, perhaps we can bring a gallon of hand sanitizer with us. That's reasonable right?

So here is my timeline of the upcoming months in case you're wondering where I'm at:

 Yay! 3rd trimester begins!
 start up last semester of school
-this month DONE!-
start applying for nursing jobs
most intense clinical/preceptor days on labor and delivery unit. Super exciting, I get to pretend to be a nurse!
two nights a week of 12 hour clinicals, then three days a week of working 12 hours, and one day of class. Yikes. Is that even possible being huge?! I guess it has to be.
 ditto from February, if I can make it through
take some fun birthing classes
Spud is due!!!
maternity leave from work 
still in class, preceptorship completed
family visiting
finals, pinning ceremony, & graduate
matt on summer break from school
study for the NCLEX
family visiting
oh yeah and have a newborn
take NLCEX
get my first job as a nurse!
just work full time
be a mom full time
Yay!! It will be amazing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

a busy final semester.

[umm... quite possibly the cutest galoshes my sister bought for Cora, sitting on top of a precious little chair- a dumpster find by my wonderful husband]

Oh blog world how I miss you...

Things over here are busy, just as we expected this spring 2012 semester. I wish I could spend hours getting lost on pinterest or browsing all of your beautiful blogs. But alas... school is trumping all. This is my final semester of nursing school, which is heavy in nursing clinicals. Actually primarily one nursing clinical- my final preceptorship where I am on a labor and delivery floor with one nurse for a couple 12 hour shifts a week. It's utterly fantastic and unfortunately exhausting to keep up with my weekly schedule. I feel the third trimester a little more now with difficulty sleeping and a little less energy. But this too was expected for expecting.

What I wish I could be doing...
-shopping for cute spud outfits
-finishing spud room
-finding daily inspirations on pinterest
-catching up on lovely blogs
-taking pictures of our ever-changing life that I love
-sending little hello notes to my friends
-visiting said friends that I miss so
-dreaming of Cora, boise summertime, camping, and a relaxing life yet again

What takes a priority instead...
-finishing my resume
-writing a cover letter
-applying to nursing jobs
-going to class
-going to preceptorship clinical
-homework... papers... projects
-working full time still

[handy husband with his new nerdy/emo glasses]

Luckily I have an utterly supportive husband who does the dishes, the laundry, cooks dinner, and loves our dogs. He is fantastic...I wouldn't be sane without him keeping our lives together. Also, at work we have a little lullaby that plays over the hospital's speaker system each time a baby is born. Now when I hear it I get inspired to keep on chugging. This craziness is only temporary. Soon that little lullaby will be mine. I will have my sweet little spud AND maternity leave AND summer will be rather near... yay!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[week 28]

[colby yawning at this whole weekly picture business]

So now that people can tell I am pregnant they ask how far along I am. I realized that the rest of the world does not live in weeks as I do. Perhaps I am alone in the world of "week-counting" just me....the newborns... and the occasional dieter. People do not know that 28 weeks is a HUGE deal. Heck even 8 weeks was a GIGANTIC deal. But that it is out of 40 weeks total... which is 10 months. Very confusing. I am even confusing myself right now. So now I do the math in my head real quick to give the general public a normal answer... 7 months! I'm 7 months pregnant!! Sweet.

Other big news:
My belly button is getting adorable. It's flattening! It even looks like a little frowney face. I always wanted a flat belly button. Who knew it would take 30+ pounds to do so. I also *hope* it turns to an outtie. Wouldn't that be fun?

Yup. That's all the news folks.