Friday, February 24, 2012

[week 32]

I'm 8 months pregnant!!! 32 weeks, just incredible. So this past week with my pregnancy I have had a few adjustments...

  • I said goodbye to my ankles... and hello lovely cankles! 
  • Edema is slowly but surely consuming me. Some days it's worse than others, something about eating tortilla chips and mexican food makes me swell?! Weird. I'll have to do more research on that one.
  • I no longer wear my wedding rings. I used to have 3 bands that I absolutely loved wearing, but now I just wear one of them. It's simple, sweet, and fits a TON better. I don't feel like I have sausage fingers as much.
  • Contractions are coming and going randomly. I have braxton hicks I believe. They are uncomfortable, not painful... but primarily a what-the-heck, I have a TON to get done before spud comes. I sure hope she waits, for the both of our good. 
  • Sleeping is tricky.
  • Bending over is near impossible. If something falls on the ground, it no longer exists in my world. 
  • Energy level is plummeting... thanks to matt helping life still goes on though.


  1. Lol great! Not much more to go! If baby waits then you will probably start nesting and it is like a second wind! Good luck! This next part is the hardest but the most rewarding. Besides you will forget most of the bad parts after she comes.

  2. i'm so proud of you, little sis.
    you're looking great. i can't believe all that you are going through. cora will have such a happy home. i love you.

    stay positive and upbeat, when you're on or off your feet
    have no fear of things you face, you're raising a new part of the human race

    1. thanks dusty! that's really sweet of you to say. this parenting thing is crazy, i can already tell.

  3. I hope your contractions are just Braxton hicks!! Keep that baby cooking! A NICU stay is hard for everyone as I know first hand :) I hope you get a second wind and can get everything done before she arrives!!

    1. haha yeah, me too. a perk of having a labor and delivery clinical is that i get to have some fetal monitoring just for fun. babe is staying put for now, thank goodness! yes...nicu would be a challenge but it sounds like you did remarkably well there with your high spirits.

  4. You sure are plugging right along. I love your bump.


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