Saturday, February 4, 2012

a busy final semester.

[umm... quite possibly the cutest galoshes my sister bought for Cora, sitting on top of a precious little chair- a dumpster find by my wonderful husband]

Oh blog world how I miss you...

Things over here are busy, just as we expected this spring 2012 semester. I wish I could spend hours getting lost on pinterest or browsing all of your beautiful blogs. But alas... school is trumping all. This is my final semester of nursing school, which is heavy in nursing clinicals. Actually primarily one nursing clinical- my final preceptorship where I am on a labor and delivery floor with one nurse for a couple 12 hour shifts a week. It's utterly fantastic and unfortunately exhausting to keep up with my weekly schedule. I feel the third trimester a little more now with difficulty sleeping and a little less energy. But this too was expected for expecting.

What I wish I could be doing...
-shopping for cute spud outfits
-finishing spud room
-finding daily inspirations on pinterest
-catching up on lovely blogs
-taking pictures of our ever-changing life that I love
-sending little hello notes to my friends
-visiting said friends that I miss so
-dreaming of Cora, boise summertime, camping, and a relaxing life yet again

What takes a priority instead...
-finishing my resume
-writing a cover letter
-applying to nursing jobs
-going to class
-going to preceptorship clinical
-homework... papers... projects
-working full time still

[handy husband with his new nerdy/emo glasses]

Luckily I have an utterly supportive husband who does the dishes, the laundry, cooks dinner, and loves our dogs. He is fantastic...I wouldn't be sane without him keeping our lives together. Also, at work we have a little lullaby that plays over the hospital's speaker system each time a baby is born. Now when I hear it I get inspired to keep on chugging. This craziness is only temporary. Soon that little lullaby will be mine. I will have my sweet little spud AND maternity leave AND summer will be rather near... yay!!!


  1. You definitely have a full plate! The kaiser where I delivered did the lullaby too! I spent a week in the hospital listening to that lullaby for everyone else on L and D. And then it was my turn, as I got wheeled from c-section recover to postpardom my nurse made sure they played the lullaby twice!! It meant so much :) it will be a special moment! Good luck in your final semester and the home stretch of your pregnancy! Little Cora will be here before you know it :) and the magical weeks after her arrival will be here. They are the best weeks, quiet at home with your new little family! It is like living in your own universe for 2-3 months, but it is amazing :)

  2. Matt looks so cool, with glasses and all! You are busy, busy, busy, but I'm sure you're doing it with amazing Lindsey style, as always.


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