Thursday, February 2, 2012

[week 28]

[colby yawning at this whole weekly picture business]

So now that people can tell I am pregnant they ask how far along I am. I realized that the rest of the world does not live in weeks as I do. Perhaps I am alone in the world of "week-counting" just me....the newborns... and the occasional dieter. People do not know that 28 weeks is a HUGE deal. Heck even 8 weeks was a GIGANTIC deal. But that it is out of 40 weeks total... which is 10 months. Very confusing. I am even confusing myself right now. So now I do the math in my head real quick to give the general public a normal answer... 7 months! I'm 7 months pregnant!! Sweet.

Other big news:
My belly button is getting adorable. It's flattening! It even looks like a little frowney face. I always wanted a flat belly button. Who knew it would take 30+ pounds to do so. I also *hope* it turns to an outtie. Wouldn't that be fun?

Yup. That's all the news folks.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp! Look at your belly :) You look fantastic! I am a week counter too and get many a confused look when I state how many weeks I am.

  2. Get used to the week counting girl. My daughter just turned two last month and I still call her 25 months, because two is such a big range and she looks three and talks like three and when people ask how old saying two does not express the admiration. So yes living in weeks is perfectly normal for mommies, which you are and so adorable! I love your doggie yawning picture. How is the doggie training,(IE getting ready for new baby)going? I remember you bought a book awhile back.

  3. you look great and i love those pink toenails!


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