Saturday, January 28, 2012

baby apps.

[my kick counter from BabyBump App]

Now that we are in the third trimester, our midwife asked that we keep count of the spud kicks. I am to choose a time each day that she is most active and record 10 kicks and see how long it takes. If it's fewer number of kicks or spud is just not very active in an hour I am supposed to go into the OB office immediately. Nerve wrecking right? This is serious stuff. Less activity could mean a low level of amniotic fluid, low blood flow, baby growth issues, stressful conditions for the babe, or still birth. Each baby has his/her own level of activity and awake and sleep periods... so it's not meant to freak us out just make us more aware. I think spud is most active in the morning, after I drink coffee or eat sugar (don't judge me! :) ), after I eat, drink cold water...and all of this has to happen when I am sitting and relatively still for awhile.

I have two baby apps that I like to use on my iphone and both are free (I'm pretty sure they are at least)!

[screen shot from babycenter app]
BabyCenter App:
I use this app just for fun. I think that site is the most helpful throughout trying to get pregnant and pregnancy, so the app is great too. It gives nice little updates day by day about what spud could be going through then weekly progress and utero pictures. The only downside is that I wish I could get a kick counter and be able to track my weight. But I love the community birth groups through It's an awesome group of women who you know are going through the exact same thing week by week. It's fun.

[there is no coincidence that I chose a 6 week prego pic, as opposed to a 28 week face-shot]

BabyBump App:
I use this app to track my weight gain, do the kick counter, and see a different style of weekly in-utero photos of spud. I think this app has less information, but very helpful for documenting progress. You could also take weekly photos of yourself, which would be fun if I didn't have this blog. It also has a contraction counter which I am looking forward to using.

Do you like using any specific baby app? How about any mom apps you'd recommend?


  1. I downloaded the sprout app. It's a few dollars but I liked it and it got good reviews. I use it for the kick counts and will eventually use it for contractions.

    Have you heard any good reviews on baby apps for after the baby is born? I want to download the ones that can be used to track diapers, sleep and feeding.

  2. I have never heard of tracking the little one's kicks before but it sounds like something that would stress me out!!! However I am sure that if they are suggesting it, it is for a good purpose...

    I am going to have to look up some of these apps though :)


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