Sunday, January 8, 2012

spud room projects to do...


Here are our projects to do during school break for spud room (that's now! yay!!). We have been chipping away at our list of things we'd like to accomplish during our time off this winter break. So far, not too bad. We have one more week. But some of the little details can be ongoing throughout our busy semester too.

-find a crib or paint current one
-move my current office (spud room) upstairs where Matt's office is.
-put crib together
-buy a lazy boy recliner for spud room...turns out we have such a small house that a lazy boy will not fit in the spud room. So we are working on shifting around our furniture to fit a lazy boy rocker/recliner in the living room... and it's bought and beautiful & ready for Cora. Thanks mom and dad!!
-paint room gray
-take down shades
-make diaper changing pad covers
-make a platform for the diaper changing table to sit on to make it taller
-make dutch door
-change out light fixture
-new outlets/covers
-buy 6 cute metal knobs for diaper changing table


[maybe just one panel of this per window?! adorable, from land of nod...too expensive, must find cheaper alternative]
-decide on a style and sew white curtains for nursery that not only block out most light but lighten up the room. Is that even possible?!

[love the way this rug fun yet subtle]

[this cute one too...from anthropologie of course, but is it $348 of cute for a 4x6 rug?! probably not]

[this creme rug is pretty calming and then have louder accent colors]

[home depot rug...big contender. love this one, not sure on light browns/creme going with gray walls, but we do have the dark wood accents in the room too]
-shop for a rug to fit in tiny room...maybe 3x5 or 4x6. Grey rug perhaps? Green-ish? Floral-ish?

[my journal sketches of rope-ladder closet]
-make a little closet rope-ladder for spud clothes. This will be out of about 3 dowels and white rope. I think it might actually look cute and be super functional.

-make mobile/hanging cuteness for over the changing table

[from etsy]

[from etsy]
-decide on making or buying alphabet & number cards to hang on the big open wall

[like this cute one, but instead of storing bunnies, store toys]
-find cute baskets either metal, wicker, or white something for under the crib storage for toys and blankets etc.


  1. Just food for thought with the curtains. I wouldnt make them totally black out and here is why. We have friends that had a little girl a year before we had the boys, they come to visit a lot and Izzy doesn't fall asleep or stay asleep very well because the room they stay in isn't totally dark (at home they have black out curtains in her room). When we had the boys we decided we didn't want this problem when we visited family and friends. So we have curtains that just cut down on the amount of light in the room, but do not totally black it out. They sleep fine and haven't had an problems when we have taken them other places. Just something to think about. All babies adapt to what they are exposed to. Just like if you try to not be super quiet when they are sleep they will learn to sleep with a house full of people. We know this first hand, we can put the boys to sleep with friends over and they are fast asleep within minutes!! Just somethings that can make life a little easier :)

  2. I love your colour choices for the nursery! You are making me want to keep the grey in our future babies room instead of painting it yellow like I planned lol!

    Also what about putting a little roman shade behind the sheers? That way you can have the lovely sun coming through the blinds when you want and darkness for little Cora to sleep as well :) Just a thought!

  3. erin- thanks for your input! i agree 100%...i want a low-maintenance kid if i can have anything to do with it. we aren't thinking block-out curtains just yet, but maybe even a quilt. to block the extreme cold from the single paned window and some of the light.

    shana- your room is gray already? lucky! but it is fun painting a new space for babe. oh man, i can't wait for you to start blogging about all of this. i love roman shades, we have them in our living room... the problem is I don't want to ever open our window curtains...we live on an alley that we'd rather not see out or in!

  4. I'm sure it will be cute! You guys are so crafty and creative! Not to mention good at finishing projects. I so am not!


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