Sunday, January 15, 2012

alphabet cards

oh geez. well this was a fun post about alphabet cards and teaching children how to read. Its gone, blogspot has eaten my post. I guess thats what happens when you go away for a weekend. we shall see if I feel like re-typing it (it was super long too!) Sorry yall.

** update: this is now re-posted to here**


  1. I never realized how difficult english is until you try and break it apart for your kid. Jeremy and I spent fifteen minutes one night convincing Natalia that the work is actually "drum" with a "d" and not "jrum" which is how it ends up sounding when we say it quickly or when she says it with her lack of dentition right now. I love how you break it down and I love the name Cora. It's beautiful and elegant. Have you made those cards already or are those idea posts?

  2. Hey lindsey,
    I just wanted you to know that all I see on this post is the title. I love your projects, so I was bummed when I couldn't see what you have been working on. Hope your feeling well :)

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