Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[week 27]

Hello 3rd trimester!!

This is pure craziness, right?! I thought so. I'm 2/3 completed with pregnancy, and it's unreal. I feel great, even though I just crossed over the 200 lb mark at my OB appointment today. Yikes.

We will see if I passed the 1hr glucose tolerance test. I almost passed out, but I think that's because I am used to eating/drinking every hour or so.  I'm such a weenie. But the glucola drink was fine to ingest FYI... like orange cough syrup, then you wait the hour to have your blood drawn. Matt also had his routine blood work done this morning too. And for the record, he is a bigger weenie than I. But I get poked, he gets poked... it was only fair.

What else going on over here? We added a few more projects onto our list, as if our lives aren't busy enough. We are (well, primarily matt is) building a few tables at our house...one for the entertainment area and one little coffee table. I am stoked about the design. It's a little like the patio table we made here with the pipes and a little industrial with OSB (oriented strand board... you know the stuff. Most people think it's so ugly they use it as sub flooring in their homes... well I love it, we even have some art up in our house we made from it). Anyways... I can't wait to get started on the projects and show you all what we are up to.

Yay! 3rd trimester!!


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