Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012!

[the chew man... photo taken by my new DSLR 50mm lens that matt gave me as a stocking stuffer... i love it, although chewy doesn't look too impressed. perhaps he wants his bangs and goatee trimmed, hard to tell for sure]

Happy New Year!

Well every year seems to bring its own changes here to our lives. This next one will be eventful also, I am sure of it. I will be graduating nursing school, having my first baby, and becoming a nurse (a real career with a salary!!). I hope you're all having a wonderful first day of the new year reflecting on last year or perhaps making plans for the new one. I don't really do new years resolutions so I will just focus on being happy and cherishing this time. Oh yeah, and I'm working today. 

This weeks projects:

-take a bump photo for week 24!

-paint our dutch door white...more on this project soon!
-add a latch to connect the top and bottom together when desired

[family heirloom...our changing table in the closet nook]
-build a platform to raise up the diaper changing table to a better height for us tall people
-paint the wood platform white to match the base boards in the room

[current knobs, which aren't too bad]
-find 6 new modern-ish silver knobs for the diaper changing table

-get a much needed prenatal massage...yay!
- & relax

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