Friday, April 6, 2012

spud box!! (a DIY co-sleeper)

[my dad and matt installing the spud box... in coordinating clothing and beards. nice job guys!]

My dad made Cora a fantastic and beautiful co-sleeper for our bedroom. It's made of pine that he ripped, sanded, and constructed into a "spud box." I got the co-sleeper idea from [here] a while back. I asked my dad what he thought about this project and jumped right to it! When my parents drove out to visit us they brought his creation. It's beautiful and will be incredibly useful.

As you can tell from the pictures, our bedroom is tiny. We have an older 1900-something house that we love for now...but the downside is... small rooms. We want to have Cora sleep in our room to be able to bond with her, provide for easier middle of the night feedings and have the benefits of co-sleeping for SIDS, etc. Pack 'n plays are too big, and why have something plastic when you can have a wood beauty? Plus we are two big people in a queen sized bed, cora needs her own space free of blankets and pillows to rest comfortably.

Spud box dimensions:
36" long x 16" wide with 12" sides

The two long slats slide under the mattress, and it has the two legs for support on the opposite side of the box. My dad says this project took him about 40 hours... but he is a perfectionist and chose to mill his own wood for the project. Hard to say how long it would take someone else.

My dad chose to make the 2 legs of the spud box with the ability to change the height. This will be great for when we move and *hopefully* upgrade to a bigger room with a king sized bed. This may be only a dream, but at least the spud box will fit regardless for our next babe too.


I bought 3" high density foam at Jo Ann's. This normally would be about $40 for this chunk of foam, but with those 50% off coupon is was $20...which I think is still pricey. So make the cuts wisely! The foam was cut down to 36" x 16" with just a regular sharp kitchen knife. Super easy.

Spud-box sheet:
I mentioned in the previous post how my mom and I sewed the fitted sheets. Really quick to make. I also cut down a vinyl fitted sheet that usually is for cribs to prevent spill-absorption. This layer goes under the fitted sheet so that it protects our foam from nighttime accidents/spill outs. One fitted sheet came down to about $5 to make and about $7 for the vinyl sheet at Target.

We can use this co-sleeper up to 6 months we think and for our next in-the-future baby...tater tot.

Next step:
Thoroughly clean bedroom and wash all new fresh bedding for Cora's arrival....oh yeah, and kick the dogs out of the bedroom. Something we have been dreading, we love sleeping in the same room with them. Which brings us to the next project- similar to the DIY dutch door....a DIY swing dog-gate for our bedroom!


  1. so lovely! I have been thinking of trying to have our little lady sleep in her room right away but now I am thinking I may need a co sleeper of my very own...thankfully our Dad's have their talents in common lol!

    Off to make a phone call he he!

    1. yes....this co-sleeper will be amazing. There are cheaper/easier options, but gosh this one is so pretty. i look forward to seeing what you end up doing!

  2. this is amazing. beautiful family project :)
    take care xox

  3. I came here looking for a tutorial for fitted sheets and found this. This is amazing! I'm sending it on to my sister that just had her first wee one, I'm sure they'll find it useful. Thanks for putting together a tutorial!

  4. Although my spud days are long gone, I think that your little spud box is amazing and extremely useful- to say the least! I wish I would have seen this 30 years ago and made one for myself. I'm sure you will get GOOD use out of it!

  5. I would feel uneasy knowing the baby is beneath/ lower than the top of the mattress. Definitely would have to create a higher wall and surround to make a second base higher up to put the foam on.

    1. yeah, I hear ya. with our baby having reflux we actually inclined the foam mattress, which brought it up to the same level. our baby ultimately couldn't be put down for 4 we used it less than we had hoped.


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