Sunday, April 15, 2012

[week 39]

Yikes... I made it to week 39?! I thought for sure I was going to deliver early. Guess not! This little spud has some brain growth to do, I suppose.

It has been hard to just let my body do its thing. I have these irrational thoughts that maybe if I run up and down the stairs 10 times (who am I kidding, waddle slowly), bend over to do laundry 2 times and eat 5 fork-fulls of spicy chinese food I will send myself into labor. Like it's a silly math of those long frustrating word problems. Well, it's not. She will come when she is ready OR...I will be induced around week 41.

So we have been doing last minute projects, just trying to get ready. Each time I have an hour or so of painful contractions...I rack my brain trying to think...if this is it, what do we for sure need to get done before we drive into the hospital? So then it prompts us to finish up some lingering to-dos, because it wasn't it.

However, we have matt's family in town.... and my parents come this upcoming weekend...and my sister the week after... and matt's sisters in May. I can't wait for this little party to get started, a cora-welcome-to-the-world party. We are o-so ready.


  1. You still look lovely and I have a feeling the little miss will be here any day now ;)

  2. Oh, the waiting game is so annoying isn't it!?? I knew FOR SURE that I would have my first early...I mean, how long can one really walk around with a bruised groin :) Alas, she arrived on her own at 41+3. #2 was equally late, so now I don't even consider myself "due" until 41 weeks. BUT...I assure you the wait is worth it. Sweet Cora will be here before you know it. Get some rest in these final days!


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