Thursday, April 26, 2012

cora's first week...

Here are a few instagram pictures from cora's first week of life....

This week has been full of struggles with breastfeeding, tongue-tied-ness, sleeping, inconsolable crying, nocturnal-ness and figuring out life once again. We honestly had no idea how hard this would be, the first few nights we felt all alone that our baby was trickier than others... but this was just silliness, having an infant takes adapting. But it has also been the most incredible seven days of our lives. Matt and I can't stop smiling or laughing at how sensational our little daughter is. We made this little human.... pretty freakin cool. Her little facial expressions, squirmy body, and adorable graspy hands bring tears to our eyes, she makes us so happy. We love her. So, all three of us are adjusting this week number one... thank goodness for maternity and paternity leave, this time is so very precious.


  1. you are such a champ...all this and you are still blogging. I love it. you are my hero. love the photos, too! xo

  2. YOu are doing it. And it does get easier and harder and easier and harder (at 7 months in this is all I've got for advice).

  3. it will all fall into place and you will faintly remember your life without her! just know that even once you establish and routine it will change as she grows :) it is all about her now, but totally worth it! enjoy every minute even the 3am feeding because before you know it she will be sleeping through the night and you will in a way miss that special quiet time with her. our boys are almost 9 months and we are into the new stage on craziness, mobility! God help us, but each stage is fun in its own way!

  4. My husband and I felt the same way when we brought home Landon. It does get easier, I promise. So happy for you and Matt. Enjoy this time home together with your little Cora.


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