Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY fitted crib sheets

As I mentioned my parents came into town to see the pregnant belly and help with some fun spud projects. My mom and I decided to make fitted crib sheets and fitted spud box sheets. It took us about a day to DIY our 4 fitted sheets. I made a few measuremental perhaps it could have gone smoother had I been 100% paying attention. But it was fun to make this together and turned out just as I had in my head for her room.
There are tons of great tutorials out there to make fitted sheets, and it's rather simple. (I like this one on danamadeit). I couldn't find sheets that I loved for the spud I decided we could make our own. I bought a twin size amy butler sheet set at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's normally $70 for the set, but we bought it on sale and with a 20% off coupon for $20! They are quirky, amy butler (my favorite) and turquoise! It was perfect because sheets already come super soft and high thread count- where fabric may or may not be....and even though its cute, it's expensive. So this route was the best for me.
A twin sized flat sheet can make 2 crib size fitted sheets, and the twin fitted sheet made 2 spud-box sheets. The spud box is similar in size to a long diaper changing you could potentially make those if you don't have a spud box to sew for :)

I had a hard time finding conversions for twin sheet to crib sheet (FYI- wikipedia's bedding sizes). We also re-used the elastic in the twin fitted sheet, I just cut it out and I had my own 1/4" elastic to thread through the whole fitted sheet casing. Some people choose to do just elastic on the corners, I like the look of elastic gathering the fabric through the whole sheet. I am sure the other way would be easier though.
Here are my dimensions...if it helps.

2 crib fitted sheets from 1 twin flat sheet:
-flat sheets are around 102" x 72", then we trimmed off all of the seams
-our standard crib mattress is 52" x 28" x 5"
-cut two rectangles of 68" x 44" fabric
-then cut 8" squares from each corner

2 co-sleeper fitted sheets:

-our spud box crib mattress/foam is 36" x 16" x 3"
-cut two rectangles of 48" x 28" fabric
-then cut 6" squares from each corner

From here I'd follow the tutorial for nice instructions on sewing the fitted sheets. 

[my mom smiling the whole project long... amazing to have the help and motivation!]

...I think it looks nice with the grey walls...not overly girly either. More pictures to come as we finish up the spud room!


  1. Love it! They look perfect in the room :) I think that was my favorite part before the boys came, getting their nursery ready! They love their quiet little room, which makes me so happy! Enjoy your nesting time :)

    1. yes, the nursery has been fun... thank you for your well wishes! nesting is my favorite pastime, if only i had an endless checking account.

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