Friday, September 20, 2013

week 33

33 weeks! That's over 8 months pregnant. Wow, time flies. Now I feel like time is going a little slower however. I am feeling utterly (no pun intended) pregnant. Sleeping is uncomfortable, my energy level is just about zero even with a nap, I feel/look huge all over and my belly is stretching a TON. I have a little bit of anxiety when I think about pushing this human out. That was a lot of work and the most painful experience possible. But I quickly get it out of my head, and tell myself that second babes are usually easier. Right? Maybe. There is only one way to find out, and it's coming soon.

I am attempting to get our last projects done around the house. I know maternity leave is not as blissful as some say. I have one kiddo naptime, and a nice length of kiddo bedtime... I better make it count before I have two conflicting sleep schedules and lots of sleep deprivation.

Shall we make a list? I think so.
- decorate nursery (as if this is only one bullet. Ha. This could be a list in itself)
- hang up my gallery wall of photos that I haven't done yet since moving.
- have matt build some pipe floating-esq shelves for the living room
- sew some curtains for 3 windows
- make a diaper changing station in our room (downstairs, we have one upstairs...and the stairs are wearing on me)
- make a dinning table and retro-fit our school chairs as dinning chairs
- hmm... I think that's about it. Not bad, if I was normal me.

Let's look at the positives... already in the past 2 weeks we:
- made a pipe bookshelf.... it's lovely.
- found 6 dinning chairs (for free!)
- hung up some art on the walls
- decided on nursery décor and a tater tot name!
- my parents visited and my sister & fiancé moved to Idaho... pretty darn exciting.
- had a work baby shower, it was incredibly sweet.

Monday, September 16, 2013

a tater tot name

We have a name folks! I'm so excited about this. It was a hard one for us. Matt and I both have never actually pictured ourselves having a son. We have a sweet little sister name picked out, but the little brother name was tricky. Nothing really felt "right." We started calling our little spud Cora as soon as we had our 20 week ultrasound. Then we shortly after came up with the middle name elm. We love trees, we had elm trees living all around us at the time. It was just right. Our little girl was going to grow up to be strong and tall like an elm tree.

So... fast forward 18 months, at our last ultrasound when we were shocked to see a tiny boy floating around, we had not a clue. So for weeks we have been tossing around a new boy name everyday, writing them down, and contemplating this huge decision.

I am not one that will just "know" when the babe comes out..."oh he looks like a...." Its not me. Cora didn't look like a cora, she just was. So I needed to have a plan. I got frustrated a few weeks ago and told matt that we were making a decision. I don't even care if its a so-so name, we are choosing one. I need a boy name to make this feel real.

contender first names:

contender middle names:
Robert (huge family name on both sides)
Linden (the tree theme)

I have been admiring the name Henry for some time now... and it just felt the most right of our choices. It's an old soul name just like Cora. Oaks- for the oak tree, I really wanted to keep the tree middle name theme going for the siblings. And now we have it. Henry Oaks.... and his initials will be HOP. Like beer hops. How the heck did that happen?!

Cora and Henry... I love it.
Now we call tater tot  "little oaks"....we are in love. And now he feels more real...our son, henry oaks.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

tater tot's nursery

We have less than two months before our little tot arrives, so I suppose I should get on his little room. Here is my inspiration so far....

It's going to be a little eclectic,  a little retro modern (maybe, if I can pull it off).
Grey, dark brown, navy, burnt orange. Colors totally out of my comfort zone, but I'm excited about it.

1. wall color (Martha Stewart's driftwood gray)
2. DIY crib sheets (made from Out to Sea fabric)
3. navy curtains
4. espresso crib (baby mod crib from walmart)
5. globe (cost plus)
6. airplane mobile (etsy)
7. some kind of fun orange retro lamp (pinterest)
8. chevron orange diaper changing pad cover something like this fabric (pinterest)