Friday, September 20, 2013

week 33

33 weeks! That's over 8 months pregnant. Wow, time flies. Now I feel like time is going a little slower however. I am feeling utterly (no pun intended) pregnant. Sleeping is uncomfortable, my energy level is just about zero even with a nap, I feel/look huge all over and my belly is stretching a TON. I have a little bit of anxiety when I think about pushing this human out. That was a lot of work and the most painful experience possible. But I quickly get it out of my head, and tell myself that second babes are usually easier. Right? Maybe. There is only one way to find out, and it's coming soon.

I am attempting to get our last projects done around the house. I know maternity leave is not as blissful as some say. I have one kiddo naptime, and a nice length of kiddo bedtime... I better make it count before I have two conflicting sleep schedules and lots of sleep deprivation.

Shall we make a list? I think so.
- decorate nursery (as if this is only one bullet. Ha. This could be a list in itself)
- hang up my gallery wall of photos that I haven't done yet since moving.
- have matt build some pipe floating-esq shelves for the living room
- sew some curtains for 3 windows
- make a diaper changing station in our room (downstairs, we have one upstairs...and the stairs are wearing on me)
- make a dinning table and retro-fit our school chairs as dinning chairs
- hmm... I think that's about it. Not bad, if I was normal me.

Let's look at the positives... already in the past 2 weeks we:
- made a pipe bookshelf.... it's lovely.
- found 6 dinning chairs (for free!)
- hung up some art on the walls
- decided on nursery décor and a tater tot name!
- my parents visited and my sister & fiancé moved to Idaho... pretty darn exciting.
- had a work baby shower, it was incredibly sweet.

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  1. oh my...well you are darn amazing when it comes to accomplishing things so I have no doubt you will get all these done! p.s. You look lovely Momma!

    ...however a million things just flashed in front of my eyes in terms of to dos if I got pregnant... and now we wont be trying tonight haha!


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