Thursday, April 12, 2012

hospital bag -packed!

[an over-sized tote bag I whipped up...and the most adorable PJs with fold-over mittens that I seam-ripped off the "brother loves me" or something patch from carters...and don't be fooled by the colors or toy trucks....we are still having a girl]

I thought this was a little silly... why would you pre-pack a hospital bag? Laboring isn't really as quick as the movies show it...oh water broke and race to the hospital... I think most people have hours of laboring at home. But, then the closer I got I realized, wow...I should really pack a hospital bag. What if I didn't have my chapstick? Yoga pants after delivery?...would I have to resort to my butt hanging out the back of my gown? Yes, I needed to pack a bag, stat.

So after referring to a bunch of fellow bloggers lists out there... I compiled a list of what "necessities" I needed to have. There are a ton of over-packers in this world, I am not one of them...nor am I a minimalist. I like to go tent camping... with our truck....and wine...and nice cheeses and meats...and dog beds... and an air mattress. That's my style of camping, so I find this situation rather similar. Matt calls me moderately moderate about everything in life... usually with some type of frowny face. He is more on the extreme/excessive side of things...he likes to live large, which is something I love about him. Can you tell I am processing how our life of two-dom will be rapidly changing to a family of three soon?! Anyways, I digress.

I like lists... they make me happy... so here is mine...

Hospital Bag:
  • camera- a point and shoot for matt to use...that does black and white for my unflattering labor pictures.
  • music- our iphones with playlists and pandora and little speaker
  • camera and iphone battery charger
  • chap stick.... maybe two of them.
  • my own disolveable zofran... can I take this while laboring? My least favorite thing in the world is vomiting. I will ask this of our midwife next appointment
  • snacks- I get rather cranky without food...crackers, cheese, granola bars, peanut butter, veggies
  • matt's swim trunks for the standing jacuzzi
  • matt's change of clothes/ pajamas
  • matt's toiletries
  • after delivery lounge wear... fresh, clean yoga pants, tank top, sweat shirt
  • flip flops
  • travel sized: shampoo, conditioner, face soap, face and body lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant
  • makeup (the little makeup I do wear, I don't want to do without)
  • hair dryer and curling rod (if I didn't have a short-styled hair cut, I could do without this stuff...but alas, I do. No ponytails for me)
  • spud journal to write about our experiences that I don't want to forget
  • one newborn pajama and one 0-3 pajama to go home in... extra snugly with fold over mittens and footies
  • one blanket to swaddle/cover her on our way home
  • infant nail clippers (this is silly, but the hospital can't cut your baby's nails, and I think it would drive me crazy...some of them are so very long! I don't want her to scratch herself)
  • car seat safely installed in car
  • box of candy for the nurses...maybe I like this sentiment because I will be a nurse soon? But screw it I like it, and I'm doing it.
Stuff I don't think I need:
  • pads, underwear, my own hospital gown... this birthing process and recovery is bloody and gooey. I'd rather use their disposable gear or they-wash-it clothing
  • diaper bag, lots of baby clothes, pacifiers, diapers...they supply all of this
  • breast feeding pillow- I think I can manage without the boppy pillow. They have ample pillows to use and prop in any way imaginable.
  • books, movies, magazines.... we have each other to be entertained, I think.

...Any suggestions/thoughts from moms out there?!

Of course I will re-visit this list after delivery for what we really needed... and how I shouldn't have been so silly.


  1. I brought pads, granny panties, etc...never ended up using them. You're on the right track.

  2. I had a "oh water broke" so it is good to have a bag ready :) And I loved that I had my own pads and underwear.

    Can't wait to see your kiddo :)

    Take care xox

  3. I didn't have a chance to pack a bag since they boys arrival was early and unexpected! My mom and Anders brought me the basics: change of clothes, shower stuff, slippers (I loved having these!), I never put on the make up and yes totally use their granny pants and pads :) I think you basically have everything you need :)

  4. I love that you just "whipped up a bag". You are so clever and crafty. You both (or all three I should say) are in our thoughts! We send you love. xo

  5. I have been thinking about this lately and trying to make a list of things to bring along. I honestly think knowing I have a bag ready to go will make me feel a little less anxious when the time comes. even if I am home for a while when in labour, I don't want to spend it searching for my yoga pants {which happens all the time for some reason, those ladies like to hide!} I really like your list, much more practical then some of them out there. I read recently that someone was bringing spanxs for after delivery and packed them into her hospital each her own of course..but I can't even stand those while not pregnant!

    Can't wait to read the "she's here!" post eeeee!

  6. The only other thing to think about is lanolin for your nipples. It's boobie chapstick and worth its weight in gold.


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