Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a little splurge here and there.

[my disappearing pink pedicured toes]

There are a few things during this pregnancy that I have splurged on and loved every second of it.

1. pedicures. Even when I could reach my feet (which I can't now) I justified that it was the perfect amount of pampering I needed. So once a month I get one. It's amazing. I love that time.

2. prenatal massages. I have had about 3 of them. I like them...I will probably get another. But I like really deep tissue massage- something they are hesitant to do on a pregnant lady. So I feel like they are not as satisfying as pre-pregnancy. However, my next one I will be trying is a hot stone massage... I can't wait. Regardless.... laying on your belly is amazing on their special beds. I feel like Cora has the most optimal blood flow possible. It's her time to really develop her little meninges. My hospital that I will be delivering at gives all new moms a *complementary* massage. Sure, I know I'm paying a few thousand for it in reality...but I am really looking forward to this massage. It will be well deserved.

3. eating. I eat a lot. I justified eating anything that would calm my stomach in the first trimester. And now...I just eat every 1-2 hours. Seriously. I try to get all my nutrients in, but I still eat unhealthy things too. I am trying not to be too hard on myself and enjoy the ride. Because if I eat, don't eat, or over eat I still feel bloated...so I eat!

4. buying a comfy couch. I have hated our couch for years. Really and truly hated it... I have no idea why we kept on getting uncomfortable couches. I hadn't realized that we could buy a comfy couch just like our parents have-where you sit in it and immediately feel cozy. Well we did it- we bought a cozy couch. I love it. We justified this purchase due to the countless hours I hope to be breastfeeding and sitting a lot on the couch with little Cora. It's microfiber, which is fine... not as good as leather for the dog hair or soon to be spit-ups. But it's warm and comforting and worth it. It even has a chaise part on it too that I love.


  1. YAY for splurges. I have a little baby shoe giveaway going on this week...

  2. I got a pregnancy massage and loved it. Those tables are awesome! Pedicures are always wonderful too. You will probably get many uses out of that comfy couch, so don't get upset when it starts too look worn, worn couches usually mean lots of great memories on them.

    1. haha... i'll keep that in mind when we get our first stain!

  3. Hot stone massages are AMAZING, really there are! I'm not pregnant, but being non-pregnant it is still great! I love chaise lounges as well, so I'm jealous I can't come crash on your couch with you and Cora! :D


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