Sunday, January 30, 2011

some huge questions...

[my journal]

Depending on the day, sometimes the hour, we have wavering feelings of capability to be having a child. We have some huge questions that we have asked ourselves, and continue to daily. This is where reading other wonderful blogs is incredibly helpful. Just seeing that other couples are taking this huge leap and succeeding. I have found it also helps me to read books about what to expect, how to budget for a baby, and talking to other people at work in the exact same situation- same health insurance, same 12 hour long days of work, and all the while maintaining great relationships with husbands/wives they love. I have found that if I write them down in my journal, then I am better able to address our concerns based on feelings, research, and thoughts in an organized manner. But as you can tell, I love making lists.

Some of our big questions...
-how do we have time for a spud?
-do we have enough money?
-should we wait?
-what will our schedules look like with school and work?
-can we keep our house clean, yard picked up?
-how about with 3 dogs and a spud?
-how can we balance our time?
-can we handle school? w/ pregnancy? w/ baby? w/ appointments? w/ a sweet little face looking up at us when we have other less fun obligations?
-will nursing clinicals allow a pregnant student? give slack with due dates when delivering?
-insurance costs? day care?

Do you have any big questions about rearing a child? How it will affect your lives? Any advice?

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  1. you asked about my shoes - danskos are my fave. I haven't changed my shoe gear since being preggo - and I haven't noticed if my feet have changed ankles swell like an old lady though :-)

    (I also really dig Naots...they are a tad more "hippy" looking though)


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