Wednesday, January 26, 2011

our little greeting card family

...the picture may look familiar...

This is our first time we decided to do a happy-holidays-card at christmas. We have been together almost 3 years....and yet we hadn't even considered sending out cards before. I guess since we are married now I feel like a grown up, so this would be the grown up thing to do. We have a tradition that each year we cut down a christmas tree in the wilderness [with a tree permit of course] and we bring our snow dog with us on our excursion... this year we decided we could bring all three, go snow shoeing, AND take our little family photo. Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little bit of excitement about next years photo....perhaps it will have a big ol' bump...or even a sweet little spud in our Idaho wilderness. I can't wait!!
Want to see the progression?!

-Feb 2008: Fort Collins, Colorado-
[Matt and I snowshoeing on our second date in Colorado...what can I say... its our thing!]
-2008: Mt. Hood, Oregon-

tree victory...our first one.
-2009: Idaho City, Idaho-
...second tree, less enthused...

-2010: This year...Idaho City, Idaho- how adorable are these guys? Sticking three of their heads out one small window in the back of the truck driving up to the snow...

...we could not get the dogs to sit still, it was ridiculous, we had to take 30 pictures just to get the one for the card, I think because Matt usually throws the dogs in rivers, they didn't want to turn their backs to it. I think Chewy's face says it all. What a good old dog...

...walking to the truck with the tree of choice, crossing the river with the 3 goonies in tow...


  1. Oh, I love your card! What a great tradition of cutting your own tree. Love it. Where do you buy your snow shoes? My hubby and I are interested in taking up the hobby. Thanks!

  2. I am an official fan!
    What a great way to stay connected, even though we are far away. We send you love from the snowy northeast. xo

  3. Jennifer-My snow shoes I bought at REI, and I just bought some great ones from Costco for my sister. They were a really great price- Yukon Charlie's, for $99 now and they come with poles. I think any snow shoes will work well, and its so cheap to go once you have them.

    Kristin!-I am so excited that you found our spud blog. We miss you guys, and it will be fun to see you at Will and Erica's wedding....right?! Thanks for the message!!


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