Friday, January 28, 2011

camera update!

...big smile. check...

It's here!! We bought a camera... I couldn't be more excited. Matt and I spent hours researching which grown-up camera to buy, and after thinking about it, posting about it [here], budgeting for it...we finally did it! I ordered it: an adorable non-camera-looking-camera bag, cutest etsy amy butler camera strap, a guide of how to use this camera, and the camera- Canon EOS Rebel T1i. And it only took 2 days to get to the doorstep. Amazon sure is amazing. Matt and I will be taking a photography class over the summer before the spud arrival so that we know how to take great pictures and we even have plenty of time to play around with it.

Once we narrowed down the brands, the big decision was between the Canon XS and the "upgrade" [aka more expensive one] T1i. The T1i has a video function, which we read in the reviews totally blows in quality... but then I saw some videos of the camera-video-portion in action. Oh my. Unbelievably perfect. Exactly what I want. Blurry pictures AND videos. Perfect. [of course I do need want an additional lens, to be totally perfect] Just look at this video with the T1i, this video, or this one. Fun right?! So, I was sold on it. And Matt convinced me to spend the extra money, splurge on something we will keep for decades. I will let you all know if it was all worth it. I added a link to each of the items we bought, but watch for the prices to drop on amazon...they flucuate daily it seems. So we just waited for the best deal, which I think we really lucked out.

This is our purchase...priceless I hope:

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  1. nice!!! that's the same camera we got :-) I like your camera bag a WHOLE lot more than ours...ours is this huge bulky thing that my husband swears he will use (yea right) and the strap you picked is RAD!!!


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