Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the nursery...a small nursery.

...my office that will be turned into the nursery...

We happen to be renting a house in a very cute part of Boise that we LOVE. The house is old, small, quirky, and it just so happens that the owners did an incredible job with paint color, style, etc. So we don't want to move, even with the addition of one more little human being to this small house. Therefore we will be keeping the color of the room the same, bright sun-yellow. I actually love how bright and welcoming the room is, and it is gender neutral, for whatever that means these days. I want to stay with the yellows-then add in accents of turquoise for a boy, pink for a girl. You can also see those dark brown bamboo curtains and hardwood floor- so we will be sticking to dark browns also. The room is 87" x 88" = small! or... 7.25' x 7.33'= just big enough for a small spud, small crib, small changing table, and a small recliner. And ideally all on a small budget :)

The furniture in the nursery-
Matt's parents have a changing table just like this one, that they used for all three of their kids back in the day. They have saved it all of these years and have offered to give it to us! It happens to be a dark-stain wood, which I'd like to paint white and perhaps put some cute drawer knobs on.

Cost: free! [at pottery barn, this one goes for $799!]

I LOVE jenny lind cribs, and yes I know they were recalled. That was a little bit of a tear jerker. However I still love the old fashioned look. So to deal with the recall issue- Matt will be stabilizing and permanently locking the rails in the upright position. I am 5'11, Matt is 6'1..and we aren't dainty people...I know we are going to have a massive child. Stabilizing the rails, sturdying the whole frame sounded like an ideal plan from the start for the spud to be safe. So we found a jenny lind crib on craigslist for a steal, and it too is dark wood. We will be re-finishing it and painting it white this summer (with low VOC paint of course and outside for zero harmful fumes). While researching how to accomplish this I found some great sites- our green house-which is all about organic, safe products to use in the home and then-eco childs play-about a great paint brand to use that is low VOC. Recycling is eco-friendly right?!

Cost: $15 [at Toy's R Us this crib is $199]

We have a little closet/nook in the office that I plan to clear out and place a little white table in with this lamp on top of it. I already own this lamp, so that's easy. With a few books, supplies, and a blanket we should be set.

Cost: free!

I need to find a brown leather recliner. This is a trickier issue. I have been searching on craigslist for a used one from a smoker-free house. So this is still in progress. I am hoping to find one there or I found a super comfy recliner at Costco for $470. Not too bad, if we must. This recliner will also go in the closet/nook and serve as the primary feeding chair, in which Matt or I can rock the lil spud to sleep and be utterly comfortable for hours upon hours. This rocker we can also incorporate into our living room when needed, for we have a couch that is also brown leather.

Cost: to be determined.

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