Saturday, January 22, 2011

nursery decor...

wee gallery
Adorable!! Go check them out!! [ ] The wall decals are a great idea for rental apartments/ homes...a fun way to add color to the babe's room. So simple and beautiful. Or maybe this little girl is just irresistibly adorable?!
wee gallery
I also LOVE the poms. I had great intentions to hang poms at our wedding, over our dance floor grass but it never happened with the hundreds of other projects. So perhaps this is my time now. How do I attach them to the ceiling though?! We have a bright yellow room that will be our nursery so I am actually trying to add a lack of color to the room... maybe some white and neutral poms? Are poms okay for a boy's room too? I doubt Matt would go for it. More before and after pictures to come of the office-to-nursery transformation takes place...

covet garden

oh dee doh

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  1. hi i was just woudnering i saw that you have the crib that was recalled and i was woundering how you locked the rail permanently? i found one for really cheap and its just for my moms house and my girl is a year old. and i really want to get it. but i just dont know how to permanently lock it up right. thank you :)


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