Wednesday, March 13, 2013

first teeth!

...cora feeding herself, as per usual. without a bib...uber messy and super cute.
As you know...we have been "teething" for months, like 6 months. I say we...because it has been a family event. Cora gets a tad bit grumpy, we feel bad for her... we orajel the hell out of her...give her way too many teething-toy options...then no teeth. Well, we have teeth! They are cute and jagged and sharp and tiny. Her two bottom ones came in first. We don't have any others in sight yet, but this is fun. She looks like she is growing up. Her smile is you see them?! Oh, maybe not. I'll try to take more mouth-photos. She's just so quick!


  1. Our boys prefer no bib!! We had no teeth for a long time to. Around 9-10 months they got the bottom 2. Then a few months later they got the top two. The they got 4 at once and then 4 molers 2 by 2. No major teething troubles. The molers are the hardest...Tylenol is amazing!! Especially at night. Teeth make them seem to go from babies to little humans!! Have fun watching her smile grow

    1. ha! that is so true....cora looks like a little person now. a big girl. Molars yikes. I'll be waiting.


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