Monday, April 8, 2013

nailed it.

Ever feel like this?

Yea. I have been planning Cora's 1st birthday party ...and crafting for the past few weeks. Hence, my lack of blog-presence. I guess I haven't really crafted since Cora has been born, and oh man. I am rusty. I have quite a few "nailed it" projects, that I have scrapped, re-vamped, and re-done. This takes forever!!

Matt just laughs at me while I am working at the table, late into the night...asking him for his opinion. He says "oh, yea...nailed it" I laugh, and try again.

Anyways. Wish me luck. Her party is Saturday. Let's hope I don't nail it.

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  1. I have definitely had some of those Pinterest moments. They usually have to do with cake, as in an ombre layered cake that came out all lumpy and rainbow cupcakes that had saggy rainbows. The home crafts tend to work out better for me. Maybe I should stick to home ideas, crafts, fashion, and more dinner/hors d'oeuvre/bread/cookie/tart based food. Skip the cute looking cakes and cupcakes! I wish we could make it, too. Have so much fun celebrating your sweet, little darling! xo


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