Thursday, April 25, 2013

life is good.

I think I've used this post heading before... but it is! It's so good, that I have been procrastinating about organizing Cora's First Birthday Party photos and post.... because gosh, she keeps me busy!And life is good, we are just living and enjoying it.
I made a lasagna for the first time ever. It was in the crock pot... super easy, really good. Especially if I remembered to put the top cheesy layer on. Oh well. [Here] is the recipe I used. Cora liked it too.
I made fresh bread, for the first time. Yup. In the dutch oven, amazing...and fresh. And the smells in our house? Heavenly. The recipe was from [here], via pinterest. Aren't you proud of me? I usually don't cook, matt is the cook in our house. So to pull off both lasagna and bread that were tasty in the same day- incredible feats.
Multitasking... talking on the phone, while holding baby...walking into the laundry room. I have no idea where she saw this.
All of these pictures were taken within about... oh...15 minutes. Busy. Well, you know this... if you have a one year old. BUSY, extremely busy. And I have a feeling it won't get any slower.
Yea, so...just being a pregnant mom, with my little lemon drop. Life is good. And it's starting to get warm outside. Oh my favorite time of year... summer. And Cora is growing so fast in front of our eyes, we are cherishing it.

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