Monday, December 19, 2011

[week 22]

22 weeks! Matt can feel the spud kicks a little more now which is wildly fascinating to us both. Emma (akita-malamute dog) even put her head on my belly the other day... do you think she knows I am growing a little human?! She must. Spud kicks are getting a little higher in my belly and I think she may be kicking my stomach too. It's a funny feeling. I also laugh right now when I have back pain at work... I laugh to myself... what a crazy thing this pregnancy is... back pain?! So painful and strange that our sweet little human is doing this to me. Oh, 22 wonderful weeks.

So lets talk about cravings for a second... because after all they are on my mind about every other second. seriously.

{cravings by weeks}

weeks 5-11:
  • eating all the time to maintain homeostasis in the gut
  • biscuits, animal crackers, stoned wheat thins... anything bland
  • potato chips
  • nothing meat
  • sour raspberry, sour lemon, peppermint
  • orange juice and lemonade
weeks 11-18:
  • pancakes, french toast, waffles... daily if I could have pulled it off
  • fruit
  • milk, helped with indigestion
  • orange juice
  • nothing chicken
weeks 18- now:
  • sweets... cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cake, donuts, chocolate... you get the idea. EVERYTHING sweet. Currently thinking I must have a nutritional deficit/disorder because this is not natural nor cost efficient
  • eggnog latte at starbucks (a tall...and just one, big bummer because I feel like I could live on them)
  • orange juice
  • bagels with cream cheese... actually just cream cheese on everything
  • dubliner cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, havarti cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, mexican blend cheese... 
  • and nothing chicken still


  1. lol I am dying reading all your cravings! I have had a few weird ones myself but my favourite "can't stand" thing to date is lettuce. Honestly who hates lettuce :)

  2. I always look forward to reading your blog, even though there is no baby planning, I enjoy reading about all the things you are thinking about and not worrying about. Such a pleasure Lindsey!


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