Thursday, December 1, 2011

christmas cards.

[last years card]

It's December!! I am getting soo very excited for snow... it means winter is getting closer and so are christmas cards. I loved taking our christmas card photos last year (posted about here). We have our tradition of snow shoeing with our three goonies, finding a perfect little tree in our wilderness, cutting it down, taking a photo, and coming home to decorate our beautiful tree to enjoy all season. This card was made from Costco, their deals are just about unbeatable (50 cards for $15 with envelopes?! Just great). But I have been looking around at different photocard sites and finding super cute designs. I wonder if I could just make my own and send it to costco to print? Do you all have sites you like to use?

It's super cold here in Idaho, but we have only had a little dusting of snow up in the hills. So perhaps soon we will get dumped on...and maybe by then I will have a photographable baby bump. But in the meantime we are going to go cut down our tree this weekend. We will bring snowshoes...just in case.Yay!

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