Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 goonies.

Dogs. Yes, we have three big ones. It has been a little bit of a worry for me with impending baby arrival. I was hoping, back when we were trying to get pregnant, that by the time I actually did maybe one would kick the bucket. It's a horrible thought, but seriously....3 dogs all about knee-height?! Insane. We didn't plan on having three either you see.

I got Colby- the yellow lab- as a pup in college (pre-matt). He was my little buddy. We even moved to Colorado together when I ran off to my own state, knowing not a soul, to do my teaching thing. Then I met Matt. I thought it was wonderful that he loved big dogs. Big dogs have a bit more of a presence about them. Matt had two dogs- Chewy (chewbacca-looking mutt) and Emma (akita-malamute mix). I thought he was the sexiest guy I'd ever seen walking his big ol' dogs in the snow with his big manly hands holding his handmade leashes (fatty ropes with carabiners). Anyways, he had two dogs. And together it made 3.

Before Matt had Emma she was neglected as a pup, therefore she is dog-aggressive. It makes life tricky if we let down our guard. But we have found that if we are smarter than her we can control all situations to have a favorable outcome. She is super sweet with humans though...most loving dog I have ever met. Especially for a big 120 lb girl.

So, Colby is 8, Emma is 9, and Chewy is 12. They are all old, mellow, sleep all the time dogs. They don't require anything but love and food. Oh yeah, and the daily vacuum.  It's fantastic, right now. It's us and the three goonies. But when spud comes... I just hope it all goes perfectly well.

I bought this book to help us socialize the dogs to spud. I really want it to go beautifully. But if it comes down to it, humans trump dogs. I just hope we don't have to make that call. So we will try our damnedest to make it work. We are going to be reading this book over winter break, I can't wait! So I will let you all know what we find out.


  1. Would love to hear about the book! We have one 80 lbs beast... He is great around kids but is a little rough with his tongue. He often licks our friends year and a half old to the floor! At least your goonies are if the mellow age, that should help.

  2. I will tell you our Lucy, 60lb yellow lab is wonderful with the boys. We never had any worries of course I don't totally true her yet, she is only 3, but she is so gentle. She is very in tuned to me, a little obsessed actually. The minute I was prgenant, she acted different more attentive, protective and mellow. We had a little different experience bringing the boys home. We had the opportunity to bring home the boys clothes from the hospital every few days for washing. I would bring them in, throw them on the floor and let her sniff to her little hearts content. By the time we brought the boys home she knew what they smelled like and she seemed totally fine with them entering her home. She can forget to be gentle when she gets excited, but it is a learning experience for her and us. She is a big part of the family and is doing great with the boys. I have read that a dog does not know a baby is a human for the first few months because of the way the baby moves and acts. My brother has a black lab, 2 and I do not trust her at all. She has looked at them like she wants to eat them! I think because your dogs our older they will be fine as long as you keep their routine close to the same. Just take your time introducing them. I am sure everyone will blend together nicely.

  3. Please take it from me, who has not only been in your dilemma but has also fostered many big dogs and bred many small dogs. The big dogs are better with the babies. When we had Joslyn it took a little adjustment with our 3 cocker spaniels and then we got to our routine. But when became apart or Best Friends of Pets as foster parents; the 4 dogs we fostered at different times surprised us. Each of the 4 big dogs were amazing with her. The Cocker spaniels were okay around her but the big dogs, one golden, one husky mix, and 2 great dane/pointer mixes, were wonderful. They would let Joslyn climb on them and pull their tails and just were so gentle with her. The cockers just tolerated her but now as she is a toddler they get really annoyed with her. Make sure to give your dogs some individual attention when the baby arrives. Let them feel still part of the family too and enjoy the new baby. But don't let them alone with the baby until you feel comfortable. You can do this!

  4. My family has raised and bred dogs since before I was born, and large dogs are protective of babies and children as if they are their own. I stumbled upon your blog and was, at first, enchanted, but now I'm horrified by you. Even if it was partially joking, you hoping that one of your dogs would die is one of the most sickening things I've ever read.

  5. anonymous-

    I'm sorry you feel that way! I didn't mean to offend you or dogs in general. This is just my opinion! But I work in an emergency room where I see too many little children's faces being ripped off to think that I would dare allow an aggressive dog around my precious little human being- it's irresponsible. So yes, if we have issues with our dogs and we can't trust them even while we are with the babe and dogs then we will have to go to our last resort. I assure you that we will take every last step to integrate the 4 of them. We haven't just bonded with our dogs for 12 years then give them away on a whim.


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