Wednesday, December 21, 2011

paint chips & pinterest wednesday

So I mentioned a few posts ago (here) that I wouldn't make christmas cards this year. Well, we didn't really but I did make three of them. And I loved making each one. We had a bunch of paint chips laying around for the spud room inspiration colors, so I decided to make a trendy christmas card out of them. Pinterest, as you know, is full of paint chip crafts. Super cute. Well I made this one up myself...I am sure its out there somewhere but I feel original in thinking up my own creation.

[christmas cards]
We used elfster this year as I talked about I also made some little paint chip tree gift tags for our secret santa gifts. Super fun.

[gift tags]

Also with my paint chips I cut out inspiration colors for the spud room for my journal. I carry this journal around with me everywhere. So it was only appropriate for me to find paint chips that matched the room colors and our intended accent colors to take shopping with me.

[top two colors are the wall colors almost spot on]

Here is some of the other fun journal planning I do...

[the changing table nook]

[spud room color ideas]

[spud room bookshelf and room layout]


  1. you are so cute - love the paint chip cards!( where did you get so many??? just swipe 'em from the store??? does anyone raise eyebrows??? just wondering because I totally wanna do that next year!)

    also - i think it is so lovely that you carry around your idea book for your nursery...I think that thing will be a treasure for your little one someday - to know that so much thought and inspiration was poured into creating a space for them!!! what a good mama.

  2. Those are going to be my cards next year! I saved one of those pictures on my holiday board. No more sewing! This year's cards are fun and look great, but they were way too time consuming. Great minds think alike!!! Happy holidays and happy new year! xo

  3. Jes-
    They were super easy to get! Plus I got about 3 trees per paint chip.I don't feel bad about taking them, because I buy all my paint at Home Depot. No bad looks either for taking them... that's what they are there for! So fear not!! Now if you take 20+ they might start to notice.


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