Monday, December 5, 2011

[week 20 again]

 Is little spud a ...girl? maybe a...boy? Projects are awaiting...

Week 20? Again?! Shut the front door. We just had week 20, right?! We agree, let me tell you. However, according to our last ultrasound and the 9 week ultrasound spud is measuring a little earlier. So our estimated due date is now April 20th 2012.

Now obviously I won't be having a baby, nicknamed spud, on 4/20. Nope, not gonna happen. "Spuuuuud" in stoner voice- no thanks. I'll hold it in for an extra day. Also, statistics are in our favor that only 10% of babes actually arrive on their due date. At first, according to my LMP spud's due date was 4/14, our 9 week ultrasound puts us at 4/20, and most recent ultrasound puts us at 4/24. My midwife is comfortable with a 4/20 due date. I asked her with this iffy 10 day period of due-date-ness ...when would she induce me? She said by April 27th we will have a baby in our arms. Yay!! How exciting is that?!  Super exciting, I'd say. If I'm induced that will change the natural birthing plan idea- but hey, whatever gets us a healthy babe, I'm all for.  So I'm due late April. Super fun.

Here are some spud-in-utero pics at 19ish weeks...I'd have to say that the impact of the ultrasound at 19 weeks was a little diminished by the fact that we saw spud looking about the same at week 15 (here). I wouldn't give back that spud movie for the world though. It was magical.

an adorable profile with a little hand above the mouth and leg curled up on the left
(the front-on-face picture freaked me out a bit, so I'm going to stick with a cute profile)

a cute little blurry foot

a big ol' hand and a nice lookin' humerus

And.... tomorrow I am posting spud's gender once I know our loved ones have received their gender reveal cards! Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to hear...I'm guessing girl! : )

  2. eeeeeepppp I am so excited to know!!!! and p.s. thank you for the kind comment on the blog. I'll be back soon I promise things are just busy busy with work! six weeks today though :)

  3. I am still saying boy! I will definitely be checking in tomorrow :)

  4. So so so excited to hear!! And I would guess boy, because who wouldn't believe two random pee on household chemical tests :)
    I will be anxiously watching your blog tomorrow!!


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