Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We have a crib! Crib indecision officially over. 

So I had big plans of painting a different jenny lind style crib that we bought a year ago. But ya know what? That ol' craig has a fantastic list...and unbeatable. I stumbled upon a white jenny lind crib and sealy mattress- barely used for $50. So we decided to go check it out, what was the harm? We pulled up to this huge beautiful house...and laughed for a second- what if these people are our age?! People making good life grandly. Anyways. They weren't. Phew. We still have a few years to catch up to that. But they were super nice people, very loving kids that immediately gave us hugs. The little boy said he hopes that we have a boy baby, that they are the best. Matt agreed. Although the little girl was equally as sweet, just hanging on my legs and gave us hugs goodbye. We left with the crib and huge smiles. Holy cow- our lives are going to change dramatically!

The crib is virtually new and the mattress too. And a sealy I couldn't have painted a bed for cheaper nor would it have been as nice. This was a crib that they had at the grandparent's house that was never used...and quite obviously. We lucked out. I love how the crisp white rungs look with the orange all I need is some fresh white curtains to match. I take that back...I need a lot more things than just curtains. Project to-do list to follow in a post soon!

Matt making me laugh hysterically...immitating the prego-weekly pose I do, sticking out his belly with his hands on his hips. Pretty hilarious... but seriously he has to stop making fun of me...I really am pregnant!


  1. What a great find, I love it! And for 50 dollars, that's crazy! Putting the crib together is the first step to preparing yourself for what's to come. We put our cribs together around my 5 month and good thing we did bec I gave me time to get everything set up before having to go on bed rest. Enjoy getting your nursery together it is another one of those magical times of pregnancy!

  2. What a steal! Congrats. : ) Can't wait to see it assembled.


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