Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the baking soda test.

[baking soda before]

What's more fun than peeing on things?! We don't know. Here at our house this thanksgiving it's all about being little scientists. So here is one more experiment we had to do. Erin, over at seeingdouble, is an old highschool friend of mine that just had twin boys. Due to the world of blogging we have reconnected- how fun is that?! Anyways, she told me about this fun gender test...baking soda and pee of course. If it bubbles it's a boy, if it does nothing it's a girl. Hers must have been some huge bubbles having had two boys brewing.

[baking soda after]

So we did the test... baking soda says spud is a... BOY! You know, it was all fun and games when the drano turned out to be a boy, but now two unreliable tests reading BOY...that's just crazy talk. Are we really ready to have a boy? What happened to my little dreams of building doll houses and sewing tutus?! Now it might be race car tracks and superhero capes. Anyways, thanks Erin (and Wyatt & Ian) for the tuesday fun!!


  1. You are starting to crack me up with all this peeing! lol

  2. Oh we did the drano test and many others and ours came out girl, and we have a girl. Maybe they are right and maybe they are wrong. My sister in law is pregnant now and she has found many many old wives tales that figure out gender. If you need ideas you can check out her blog at

  3. Glad you had fun doing another pee test! I had dreams of little girls too, but let me tell you little boys are the best! I love that I am the queen of the house (the only girl besides the dog) and we say she is the princess! Little boys will love to camp, love superheroes and tell you silly things! Most of my students are boys and they are some of my favorite! If you are having a boy you will be glad. Just think when you hit school age you won't have to deal with the drama a little girl brings, and let me tell you my are starting young! I am seen 3-4 year olds be total drama queens! When do you find out for sure?
    Ps it has been fun reconnecting through the blog world :)


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