Friday, November 18, 2011

oh boy, big changes.

[do I even look older?! a little older! haha... just kidding]

P.S. blog world-

I just looked back at my old self at 11 weeks. Ha. I am HUGE now. I mean like thighs, butt, face, overall...I look like a big version of Lindsey. And this is only week 18. Pregnancy is crazy stuff. I am not worried about my weight...I just can't believe I haven't noticed the changes. I guess when I forgot to tie my scrub pants and they didn't fall off- that should have been a clue I am growing. No wonder my pants are getting trickier to put on. Perhaps I should have been happier with my pre-pregnancy weight. Hmm. Interesting. Crazy stuff, this baby-growing thing.

Ok, enough of the rant. I am glad that I have a baby bump to go along with my increasing thigh circumference :) And I don't honestly think ever in my life I have actually touched my stomach- it's just not a thing females do. But now it soothes me. I've never felt more comfortable about my abdomen and seeing it makes me extremely happy.


  1. You look great! And just wait, you will be getting even bigger :) it is awesome that you are embracing it! I did too, I ate what I wanted and enjoyed every minute of my belly getting bigger. Its funny how touching your belly in so comforting, I felt the same way.

  2. The only thing I see growing, is that lovely belly of yours! I'm always tap-tap-tapping on my belly like a drum, maybe Alex will appreciate pregnancy on me, because I will stop tap-tap-tapping on my belly, ha-ha! Looking fabulous Lindsey!


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