Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pinterest wednesdays & nurseries

[orange inspiration found on Pinterest]
sunny nursery orange nursery
violets nursery

Well I have been doing a lot of thinking about the spud nursery. I finally have enough energy in this second trimester to even contemplate tackling a project. I thought about my inspirations to have a yellow and gray nursery here... remember? Adorable. Well, on closer inspection it's not really yellow, it's more of an orange. Like pumpkin on two of the walls and pumpkin latte on the other. Wishful thinking on the yellow room. It's orange. So, on Pinterest Wednesday I am now looking for orange inspiration. Why is that such an uncommon color? I think it's cheery and gender neutral. And it happens to already be the color of the room....easy!

I think it will be the same look in the room as someone who paints theirs bright turquoise or yellow- it's bold. And I will have the duty to mellow it, make it peaceful, and serene. Am I able to do it?! We shall see.

[color inspiration for the spud room as it currently stands, see the orange wall color?!]

Did I also mention it's a room that is teeny-tiny?! Like 7' x 7' tiny, with a little closet/nook. Back here is when I talked about the size and how it's my office currently. Yup, small. But babies are small right? Oh, it will be so helpful to know if we are expecting a little boy or girl. Then the few accent colors and artwork pieces can be chosen accordingly. So much fun!

[accent piece like this beautiful fabric by joel dewberry for a boy or girl]

While wearing these outfits...
Isn't pinterest fun?!
Oh man, now I want to go shopping.


  1. Those are some lovely, calming nurseries, with a nice color spectrum. Those outfits are pretty darn cute as well friend.

  2. I would love to follow you on pinterest. Love your nursery ideas!

  3. Pinterest is the best. I am so addicted it is ridiculous...and it is all your fault. hahaha. Thank you. It makes me so happy. I love the colors you picked out for the nursery and that fabric. You have great taste! xo

  4. Oo thank you! If you ladies find anything on orange and turquoise inspiration- send it my way! How do you follow someone on pinterest-like look for them?!

  5. Orange is the best and happiest color in the world. You can never look at it and be sad or upset. It brings pure bliss! I love anything and everything that is orange so if I find anything I will send it your way. (ps, I'm Kristen's lil sister. Found your blog on hers). :)


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