Friday, September 2, 2011

gray & yellow nursery inspiration

I always loved the weddings that chose to have gray and I think I get that chance with our baby nursery! I have yellow/pumpkin walls, with light yellow trim, dark bamboo curtains (which I could change if I was really inspired), and wood flooring. We will want to know the sex of the spud, but I just love color....especially the neutrals. I think we will probably steer clear of the pinks and blues, we don't naturally gravitate towards those colors anyways.

[my office that will turn spud room in about 7 months]
We already have a crib (remember here, when I really pre-planned the baby thing and bought a $15 crib?!) happens to be dark wood, which I could keep that way or paint white. And we have a changing table/dresser from matt's parents that is dark stained wood, that we can pick up at christmas time.

So what we still need in spud's room:
  • simple, super soft, gender neutral sheets that coordinate with gray and yellow
  • gray soft jersey sheet DIY crib bumpers
  • rocking chair
  • large floor rug
  • baby gate to keep the dogs out of the room
  • custom/DIY changing pad that will fit the dresser/changing table
  • DIY mobile for over the crib
  • nice, clean storage containers/boxes under the crib for clothing/bedding/diapers
  • cute white picture frame assortment for over the crib
Anyone have any great sites we should be looking at for any of these items? Any advice on what works well?!



    A couple of Etsy ones that I loved. Especially number 2.


    I see you already have a link to Sara's blog on your homepage, but I thought I'd just send her Montessori nursery update anyways. I just think its SO cute, and thoughtful, and purpurseful. Love it.

  3. Have I told you I am rediculously excited for you!!! I am going to start looking for baby stuff in yellow and grey for you :)

  4. ooo thank you ladies! I should look at etsy, thats a great place to start! Thos are adorable and modern, I love it. Some things are just a little over-the-top-babyfied, but those styles are awesome.

    Yes, feed the soil...I am a fan of the montessori environment- I used to actually be a montessori teacher. I am not so sure about the floor-bed, but the rest of it being intentional, child-sized, child-independent, and just beautiful pure items is just my thing.

  5. Craigslist and Goodwill! We found our amazing changing table (once an antique washstand) for dirt cheap on craigslist, and people sell like new linens and stuff all the time. And I am a goodwill addict, I find beautiful, unique baby clothes and other baby stuff. A quick boil and hot water "megawash" cycle later, and they are good as new! Also check consignment stores and secondhand kids stores like "Kid to Kid" (not sure if you have those where you live).

    Lol, I think the new items my son has are his stuffed animals (I have an aversion to secondhand stuffed animals, lol), his crib, and the clothes his grandparents buy him!

  6. Oh, and I love that gorgeous room where your nursery will be! How perfect!

    That "Chic and Cheap" nursery is so beautiful.

  7. I like it! How original! It will be very pretty after all you two are so creative! I have loved all the projects you have done before!


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