Sunday, September 18, 2011

[bump pictures & wk. 10]

Oh, such a delima. I have loved looking at blog-mom-sites and seeing just how crazy it is that bodies grow and what a cute idea to have pictures along the weeks. So when I got pregnant, I thought I'd really like them, but so far I have not. I look about the same, except I'm getting a tad pudgier. Not cute- bump-showing. Just pudgy. Oh yeah, and sleep deprived even though I sleep 14+ hours a day, and lacking all energy. And I still manage to take awkward photos. So now I feel like I'm at a cross I jump in full force each week when I'm close to showing or do I choose something else?! Will I really look through pictures of me standing in the exact same spot over a 9 month period?! Would I rather enjoy random pictures of me growing...but with matt, the dogs, the snow, camping...etc? Hard to say. I have no idea.  I do know I need to get over the pudgy-thing and just take photos, I will appreciate it later.

Do you all have any input? Anything you loved doing? Anything you wished you did now looking back?! Have any super cute picture-ideas you want to share with me?! I'd love help!!

Oh yeah...and I'm 10 weeks!! Without a bump-photo as of yet this weekend. I stopped back at week 7.


  1. Aww that video is super cute :) I have a dream of doing something similar with a baby book! I am not sure what I am going to do for bump pictures though personally, I always have a "bump" of sorts lol! I say do what your comfortable with :)

  2. haha... yeah i think thats the point if i was rail-thin to begin with perhaps a bump just appearing would be cute. i really don't think i will be doing the bare-belly pics you touched on in your blog shana. i'm just not brave enough.

  3. I did monthly photos starting at 12 weeks. I didn't look pregnant then but looking back I appreciate that I did it! It goes so fast and you don't realize how big you have gotten each month when you are living it. I did the pictures in difference places and clothes, but it is still very memorable! I say jump in at 12 weeks and enjoy the beauty of your body and the little one you are growing inside :)

  4. Hey Lindsey, that video was super cute! I was 100 percent shy about preggo pictures and I regret not taking any early ones. But my best friend, who is a photographer convinced me to do some 8 month belly pics and I love them. Being heavy set, the last thing I wanted was my skin exposed, but now they are some of my favorite pictures of myself. God made your body and your baby unique, I would take all the pictures you want and if you don't like them now, you might later.

  5. I was so busy I stopped doing the "in one place" pics at about 16 weeks. Just random shots after that. Take lots of pics of your bare belly, even if you get stretch marks, even if you don't post them! I wish I had taken more. Next time I will!

    Oh, and I know how you feel. After 8 weeks I went through this whole greasy hair, breakouts, awkward phase, too. It will get better and you will glow =)

  6. Do it!!!! You will look wonderful! You don't even need to share them...just for you!!!!


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